IFATCC- Infinite Flight ATC Centre

Hello all,

Have any of you been interested in virtual ATC for Infinite Flight? The type of ATC that doesn’t require Vatsim or FSX but Infinite Flight and your phone?

Great! Check this out:
IFATCC is a channel on Zello, which is a walkie talkie app for your IOS or Android devices that enables the user to talk to an experienced Air Traffaic Controller!

Here’s the thing,
Many of you may be used to ATC on Infinite Flight live and that’s perfect! However virtual ATC differs a little bit from the ATC on IF! If anything, there is a bit more to it!

So as preparation is required, why not check out the channel website at
WWW.IFATCC.COM for some useful tips and tricks to enhance your experience with virtual ATC.

If you have any comments, questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to comment below, PM myself or check out the channel on Zello!

P.S, just to say thanks to the developers for giving us the A320, A319 and A318 additions to the selection! Absolutely outstanding!

Blue sky’s and white clouds,

IFEP John Gerard Killeen,
Chief Admin ATCPC,
ATCO and moderater on IFATCC.

Hyperlink to website: http://ifatcc.weebly.com/


Just to say, if you want to use this, do it on the Free Flight Server only, and still use Unicom at busy airports :-).


Long time no see @JGK00.

Is that the adress you enter into Zello? Would like to try this. Entering it into the web browser does unfortunately not work.

Can you please hyperlink the web address?? It gives me many political website options on Bing when I type it on the address bar and hit enter.

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Hi guys,

Yes I will add a hyper link! Hold on!

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This ATC is strictly for solo flight! It tells you all about that on the website but thanks for adding that!

Yes @Samuel123abc you enter the address into zello

Your DNS is misconfigured on this url:

It shouldn’t! I linked it from the website! Try it again and let me know!

@JGK00 I am unable to find the channel on Zello. Only some kind of troubleshooting channel.

Also you’re website does not work, as Cameron pointed out.

The link doesn’t work at all?

Put in Infinite Flight ATC Centre as the address into zello

What is the point on solo mode? How can you give an aircraft instructions when you can’t see him on your radar?

The flights are operated via IFR charts which the controllers follow along with the pilot! It’s the old school way of doing things and of course it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some like it some don’t! But great question!

Ok. I think you’d get more interest by doing it in live. My only concern with live though is you’d have to duplicate some communications through the IF ATC system to alert others online at the same airport.

Yeah but the reason we encourage solo use is so that the pilot doesn’t have to deal with two different ATC controllers which causes havok if you catch my drift but like I said it’s not for everyone!

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Hello sir! The hyperlink is the one you want to click on.


Rory Hennessy

Senior Admin IFATCC
Training Instructor IFATCC

New website---- infiniteflightatccenter.weebly.com

I would like to become a ATC and take my M1 test, please can I do it this week? As I am going away coming Friday. Thank you