I’m interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller on the Expert Server… How to achieve this?


Glad to see you would like to join IFATC,

First you need to be Grade 3+. Meaning you have access to the Expert Server.
Then contact a IFATC Scout.


Look here. This is a duplicit please look up your topic before posting.🙂

Thanks for your interest! Feel free to refer to the recruiting post below.

It details the necessary qualifications and steps needed to join the team. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. :)

Read what @JoshFly8 linked I’ll send you a message since your a new user.

Please go to the IFATC thread. You must be 14 or older, have 500 ATC Ops on the training server have a 50% violation to landing ratio, 60 days since the last ghost, a valid email adress and finally must be grade 3 in infinite flight. Once you meet all those requirements contact a recruiter there you will take a written test you have 20 minutes to answer your basic knowledge on atc, you must get 80% or higher on that test to pass. Then you take a practical test 4-6 aircraft remaining in the pattern testing out your abilities of controlling. Before you do all this please contact an IFATC scout before doing the practical test. And watch IFATC tutorial videos on youtube and look up stuff on the forum. I am sure you will pass!

Good catch, Brandon. Step up your game and you can surpass Tom’s recruiting quota. ;)


Training server, not Expert

Forgot that sorry was typing way to fast and im tired, thanks for pointing it out.

No. Please start with the process first, then contact a scout. Yes, we may be free for general questions, but when it comes to training, you have to be involved on the recruiting end. It’s a time-waster otherwise.