IFATC written test

Yes you can!

so if im 14 i can join even if my country says 14+ okay then

Yes, 14 years old is the minimum age for IFATC, since IFATC transfer to Discord, you have to be at minimum age of Discord in your country to use Discord and join IFATC

By yes I meant that you can take the IFATC practice test , but as mentioned by my fellow IFATC member @CrisYe, you have to meet the minimum age requirements as listed by IFATC.

oh… well that means i have to wait 3 year lmao

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ohhh okay i will take the test later then lol

Read the Manual really hard. All the times you need to be confortable. Also, you should consider @MJP_27’s great advice so you can recreate possible scenarios.

This is really great and I strongly recommend that. Is like any ATC Tracking Thread for practical. Take some practice tests and see the YouTube tutorials too.

Best of luck. Hope to see you in Discord soon :)


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