IFATC written test

My tip would be reading the ATC manual and writing notes take the practice test and focus during the test and you should pass

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Notes? In some way

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Yea if there is something important that you don’t know write it down

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Thanks everyone. I have a test this week. Thanks for all the advice. :)

Here is the official practice written test (its build up like the real one, just with different questions):


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I was 100% right

Then you should be good to go ;)

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To add to what other people have said, here’s what I tell all my recruits before taking the test:

  • Prepare by using the resources linked in the IFATC Recruitment post.
  • Take your time during the test.
  • Read every Question and answer carefully.
  • Have a Pen and Paper ready incase you need it.
  • Attempt up to 2 ATC Practice Tests here: Introduction - Infinite Flight ATC Practice Test

Hope that helps you.


Adding to what everyone said, and this might have been done sometimes, draw a rectangular shape that resembles a runway (and some taxiways to exit runway), to help visualise the scenarios of the questions. It doesn’t have to be accurate, it’s just a representation.

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hey guys, can i do the practice test even tho im 13 and im not joining IFATC soon due to my age?

Hello, see below

You have to apply IFATC when you are 14 years old, and please check Discord TOS to make sure you are allowed to use it in your country! Hope to see you in IFATC team soon!

so like i know about the 14 year old rule tho can i still do the practice andd my country says 16+ so if im 14 i still cannot join?!

Yes you can!

so if im 14 i can join even if my country says 14+ okay then

Yes, 14 years old is the minimum age for IFATC, since IFATC transfer to Discord, you have to be at minimum age of Discord in your country to use Discord and join IFATC

By yes I meant that you can take the IFATC practice test , but as mentioned by my fellow IFATC member @CrisYe, you have to meet the minimum age requirements as listed by IFATC.

oh… well that means i have to wait 3 year lmao

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ohhh okay i will take the test later then lol

Read the Manual really hard. All the times you need to be confortable. Also, you should consider @MJP_27’s great advice so you can recreate possible scenarios.

This is really great and I strongly recommend that. Is like any ATC Tracking Thread for practical. Take some practice tests and see the YouTube tutorials too.

Best of luck. Hope to see you in Discord soon :)


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