IFATC written test

Hello IFC!

I am currently preparing for the IFATC Written Exam. Any tips to take the written exam well would be appreciated. Thank you to all those who gave tips to me until now :)

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I would have a piece of paper and a pen next to you for the test


I’ll put the paper aside and draw the situation :)

I’ve taken it a bunch of times, about 4 to be exact, and I’d recommend finding a quiet area to spend maybe 5-15 minutes to just utterly focus on what you’re reading. Don’t be afraid to read questions multiples times, take your time, and do it right the first time around, there is no need to rush. You have, I think, 20 minutes, so use it!

This is also some good advice, never hurts to be prepared!

Lastly, there is actually a practice written test that you can take if you’d like, it will give you a really good gist of what the real thing will be like. If you go to the page below, scroll down, and click on “What can I do to prepare?” you can find a link to the test.

Good luck, I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing you on the team soon!


I got 100% on the practice test

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That’s awesome! That’s a good sign that you may be ready to take the real thing then. As I said, try to do everything in your power to maintain focus and best of luck!


Thank you for your good advice and I will definitely join the IFATC team :)

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To also add to what Shane said it’s also good to make your own questions from the manual to test your current knowledge on the written material. I also created questions that helped me to understand sequencing by drawing out different scenarios that I encountered through my tracking feed.

Keep up the awesome work and you will get there easily.


My tip would be reading the ATC manual and writing notes take the practice test and focus during the test and you should pass

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Notes? In some way

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Yea if there is something important that you don’t know write it down

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Thanks everyone. I have a test this week. Thanks for all the advice. :)

Here is the official practice written test (its build up like the real one, just with different questions):


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I was 100% right

Then you should be good to go ;)

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To add to what other people have said, here’s what I tell all my recruits before taking the test:

  • Prepare by using the resources linked in the IFATC Recruitment post.
  • Take your time during the test.
  • Read every Question and answer carefully.
  • Have a Pen and Paper ready incase you need it.
  • Attempt up to 2 ATC Practice Tests here: Create online tests

Hope that helps you.


Adding to what everyone said, and this might have been done sometimes, draw a rectangular shape that resembles a runway (and some taxiways to exit runway), to help visualise the scenarios of the questions. It doesn’t have to be accurate, it’s just a representation.

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hey guys, can i do the practice test even tho im 13 and im not joining IFATC soon due to my age?

Hello, see below

You have to apply IFATC when you are 14 years old, and please check Discord TOS to make sure you are allowed to use it in your country! Hope to see you in IFATC team soon!

so like i know about the 14 year old rule tho can i still do the practice andd my country says 16+ so if im 14 i still cannot join?!