IFATC written test

I just got invite to writen test. Some one help me what i shoud do before it. anything else that those videos that i wached sooooo many times. Any ideas are welcome! :)

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Honestly, the videos and manual are your best bet. I also suggest having a pen and paper handy, as drawing out scenarios will be very beneficial. Good luck!

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Also, make sure you take your time and works things out. Like stated above, use a drawing if you need to. Hope to see you on the team soon! Good luck!

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Do you think its easyer with computter or my phone

How hard it is?

Computer, but that’s just personal preference. I was just afraid of accidentally hitting the wrong answer. :)

I won’t get into the specifics of it, but if you’ve watched the video tutorials a couple times, I’m sure you’ll be alright.

It isn’t hard once you know your stuff , relax and read your questions carefully .I would use my computer since it gave me good luck when taking my practical

Are the questions like
What you shoud do In this scenario x
Ask to go around
Give landing clearance
Change runnway

Like Brandon stated, I can’t give any specifics. However, I can say that you will be given scenarios in which you will need to (for example) sequence aircraft and other things like that.

But i get some kind of quide before the test?

What do you mean by guide? You won’t be able to use any materials such as the manual during the test, if that’s what you mean.

Pardon me asking, but @Elias_Elfvengren were you just invited out of the blue to take the IFATC written test?



I mean before test i get guide where reads everything that i need to know when doing test

@Elias_Elfvengren No, there is no such guide. The manual and videos cover everything that might be on the test.

Ofcourse i contact ed recruiter. Sorry for unclear text.

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Oh sorry, I misunderstood I thought he hadn’t actually applied for recruitment even.

Sorry, i can find the right word i gues.

No one is going to tell you anything that you haven’t already heard. We won’t give you the answers or the exact questions. We can tel you however, to make sure you have looked at all the tutorials and the IF YouTube Channel. Check this out, in the official IFATC thread:

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