IFATC Written Test Tips

I will be taking IFATC test Tomorrow or Monday and want some tips to pass Written test and want 80 or better score can you all Community give me tips to pass the test??


You could have a training session with a trainer before your practical, no need to rush. If you feel you’re ready, go for it. :)

Have applied a training form wating for response!!

I’ll PM you. :)

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Silence, an open mind, and a lot of pattern work. It’s nothing to worry about. Just be yourself and relax. You’ll get past it in no time!

If you are making mistakes, just take a breath. You will be under pressure (fantastic song by the way) and stressed out so avoid getting that into your head. If you happen to not pass, don’t quit. Keep practicing, and getting training, and try again in two weeks. I wish you the best!


Whatever happens, don’t panic. Work through everything one step at a time.

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I’m considering joining IFATC in the future when I’m more prepared for the challenge.

Look, even if I’m not an IFATC pilot, I can still tell you that practice makes perfect, and slow and steady truly wins the race; whatever you do, DON’T PANIC.

I’ll be here to motivate you when needed with all of the IFATC members here; you can do it,



You mentioned getting 80%. I believe that’s only for the written test. For the practical, just focus on giving the best ATC possible; don’t worry about having to pass a minimum percentage.

Controlled chaos. Live by that mantra.

The fundamentals are there for a reason. Don’t sweat your controlling style- everyone’s got their own. What matters is retaining the fundamentals and operating under that framework. Testers will look to see if you’ve got the latter, which is all that counts. Make sure you keep said retentivity as a fallback whenever possible. You’ll need it to keep your mind sharp.

(Oh, and definitely do NOT squawk 7700.)


Listen to some music, I did that too and it really helps.

Pay special attention to go arounds. That can easily be the reason to fail the test.


I am so sorry guy I mean Written Test not practical test due to the tension is just post it

If it’s written just remember what is mentioned in the atc Manual

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Haha, this is why I deleted my previous post (thought you wanted written at first, then changed to practical). Anyways…

My advice for you is to read the questions carefully. This should be obvious, but I wanted to place extra emphasis on it. Read. Them. Carefully.


Protip: if it flies towards you - give it pattern instruction. I think if i would have remembered it i would have passed

Read the questions carefully and know the scenarios

In addition to the other comments, i would advise watching your clock and using a pencil and paper to write out the scenarios. It makes it easier to visualize. And review the manual (not the parts about radar) it is all in there.

Prepare a pen and paper, take notes, and have a good grasp of the situation. The test time is not long, but the key is how to solve the problems accurately in a short time in order to understand the situation in a short time and to be able to give an accurate instruction. Good luck!

Hey, I’d like a practice session to if you don’t mind