IFATC Written Exam

Hey guys! Any tips that you have before I take my written exam for IFATC?

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I’ll be watching this topic as well, lol

I haven’t taken it, but I would say, take some time to read through the ATC Manual (I’ll get the link when I can). A little bit a day definitely helps.

Have a pen and papper to recreate situations. Read very good all the questions. And use all the avaible time :) (its obvious that you need to read the public manual)

Its about the written, not the practical :)

Yup def have been reading the ATC Manual and just watched the “Perfect ATC test” by Tyler just to get a good understanding visually rather than on a pdf.

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All the best

Any tips on timing?

Mmm the 20 minutes are enough for the questions. Dont know more

Don’t think too much about the time as that will force you to panic and rush. I learned that the hard way during my entry into IFATC. It’s totally doable with the time your provided with.


Thank you guys! I’ll update on what happened :)

Take your time & make sure you read every answer thoroughly before choosing one.


It’s only me that I didn’t pass because my time was up? For each question I was analysing every possible scenarios and after finishing the test I read all the questions again.

Some of the content can be tricky and you have to consider every possible scenario. If you’re struggling with time, I suggest reviewing the concepts and asking on the forum for if you need help. This way, you’ll have a lot more knowledge going in and can knock it out of the park next time.

There’s some great ATC resources and tutorials on YouTube and also in the ATC category.


Some things that I always do and maybe you could try is:

  1. Imagine the exam as a practice test, because the word “exam” just lets me overthink stuff and I get nervous.
  2. Remember what you’ve learned and practiced (id recommend watching the tutorials about ground and tower in #tutorials )
  3. Ask yourself questions and see which is the best suitable approach to answer those questions.
  4. Think positively (don’t think yourself down, always have a positive mind)
  5. This might sound a way but, stick to your first choice it happens many times to me when I choose my answer and overthink stuff, change my answer and get it wrong
  6. Study hard

One philosophy that I follow quoted by the great Fae Ellington.
Don’t study it until you get it right, study it till you can’t get it wrong.
Have fun on your test! 😄❤️


Yeah, that’s exactly what my trainer told me. I will take the written test on September.

Take a practice test. Somewhat similar to written, but it can help you. I took many before taking my written and it helped me

what i did to pass my written is to always think positive and of course study, if u have studied and u don’t think positive then negativity will come to you.

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