IFATC- what to say..

…other then: You all do an amazing job. I mean, the age of the IFATC controllers ranges from, I don’t know, 14-60? And just look what an amazing job they do…especially the younger ones are handling this like they would have never done anything else before.It would make me crazy seeing all these planes on my radar screen… I would maybe pull out a flyswatter and try to move them away ;) i am glad that we have you, IFATC , thanks a lot for offering this service In your free time !


Great Pictures!
Also IFATC definitely do a lot! But ay, it’s what we (IFATC) are trained to do!


To be a controller you have to have this “ little extra “ , our airline has a monthly meeting with the controllers from the “German Air Traffic Control “( Deutsche Flugsicherung DFS, which is state owned ) where we talk to eachother
And they explain to us that it’s not funny to fly Mach .87 during approach just because the Captain wants to overtake his CPT friend in another 747…
And it’s always funny because you see 2 total different type of characters. It’s hard for me to explain but of course we changed roles before,they put us in front of one of their training screens and it was a desaster. We took them then in one of our simulators. And it wasn’t a desaster until we added some failures. Then they said it’s too hectic for them. All these alarms and lights…” Hectic ??” I asked one…”Yes” his answer…

Says one who as an approach controller for EDDF FRA thinks controlling during rush hours is relaxing …


Yes IFATC do a great job. I normally avoid FNF as it is too busy which takes away the realism, however I flew EDDM - EGKK last night at had the full IFATC service at EDDM. Great job there guys, including a very good DEP experience. BZ


IFATC are some fantastic people! Usally it is my fault I get ghosted lol


Thank you for your kind words. There are a few controllers that can handle traffic like this. I for one wouldn’t go anywhere near it. I control when it’s quiet and I can give the best service. When it’s really busy I find it rather stressful especially if i have a lot of people on ground frequency asking for taxi and pushback.


I was the AF A318 in front of you ;)

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Thank you for the kind words!
95% of the feedback we get on the forum is negative due to people being angry about being reported. So it´s always nice to see our work being appreciated.
That surely was one of the more stressful sessions I’ve had. So many factors made it difficult that day. The close proximity of EDDS, the single runway, the traffic volume and especially terrain.
If you look closely, you can see we used a combination of upwind and downwind legs to achieve spacing between aircraft of 5-10NM. It might not be realistic, but the traffic we got wasn´t either :)
Splitting Approach with @jakcharvat, who did LSGG Final, was absolutely essential. That way, I only had to deal with them until the last upwind leg.
Again, thanks for the nice words and see you around!



I wish there would be more commands available for you as ATC, i think it would help to reduce the workload … for example a high speed approval or a rate of descent. Would it not work if ATC could use the term “do not exceed xxx knots “ for a departure, so a heavy has not to fly with Leading edge or flaps extended until reaching 10000 ft… means if ATC gives a speed restriction of 280 knots then there would be no speed violation below or equal 280 knots for the aircraft that got this number… also when descending it would be helpful for ATC if you could give a command like “ airline xxx descent FL 170 to be at level 25 nm inbound / over waypoint xxx … and a last question…normally when im handed over from one ATC to another, all i say is : airline 501, level 210 or airline 501, passing level 176 descending 90 … and of course ATC knows where i want to go… when i check in in IF i will be asked later “ say your intention” , also my flightplan is showing a destination airport…
Just thinking you all are doing such a good job but more commands would help you and the pilots to fly more precisely ?

Thank you for your work Julius :)

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When you’re handed over from one approach controller to another you shouldn’t be asked to say intentions again. When we hand aircraft around the new controller receives data about the service the previous controller granted them, and the latest assigned altitude. Therefore, if we’re doing initial and final approach, for example, if the first controller gives you ILS for runway 22, the second controller will see that in your aircraft tag when you check in. This also works after a controller change.

That being sad, thanks for the kind words. That session was super fun (and yes, somewhat relaxing at times, and Julius did a great job setting everyone up for me to bring in and clear. Thanks for acknowledging the work we do, and once again, thanks for the kind words :)



60? How old Gary these days? @GHamsz

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Been there, done that!

All I have to say is I’ve played every day of my life, and I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.

It’s so gratifying to see “kids” handling themselves like seasoned veterans.
Gotta love IF.


Without you from ATC - I mean what would IF be without…ATC and being able to fly global…and I would just not care about all the complaints about getting ghosted … it happens because it’s 99 percent the pilots fault.

It happened to me today… I lost my grade 5 because I overspeeded after departure in UBBB… I just fell asleep for few seconds on the couch and when I woke up I already saw this red “ speed violation reported “… I was doing 290 knots at 3000 ft…still flying manual when body decided to take a nap :) It is my 21st violation in 1000 or so landings and the second I got since flying on expert… the first I got just on my first flight in expert for not following sequence ( Hi Ethan :) .
I’m still grade 3 I thought I might be even banned from expert and was already preparing for a solo week .i just don’t understand all the complaints about not knowing why being ghosted. And all the excuses… my phone died…the bus driver hit the brakes…the plane just entered a dive just because I took off fully overloaded and climbed to FL 430 … my experience so far is that if there was a controller fault they immediately took the violation back. So easy it is for the controllers to accept having made a mistake. Wish the pilots would do the same.

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We will have to release a replay of one of these sessions when the next release comes.

People will see what’s on the other side. Say, oh, off the top of my head, if you’re on the ground with 100 other people asking for pushback 5 times in a row ;)

I nearly taxied into you, luckily you just got the line up and wait command otherwise I would have pushed you onto the runway … ( forgot the parking brake ). Sometimes it’s better not go online when there are too many things around you happening :)

Now everybody thinks how did this Rambo become a grade 5… normally I am very disciplined ;)