IFATC - West Coast Madness

Can’t wait to see everyone in the skies! Don’t forget to give love to those further East than the actual West Coast (KDEN 🏔)

KSAN is where it’s at at 20:00Z, though KDEN- KSAN is only about 1-1.5hr max flight time 😉

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KSAN TGS OPEN come fly and enjoy Coronado! Closed, will be back soon!

West Coast Madness begins in 15 minutes! Hope to see you all!

New update: @PlaneGeek will be on LA and Oakland centers!

I’ll be there, the CA coast is one of the best places to fly.

@Thunderbolt, will you be open at the start? I’m planning a flight to KSNA.

I will be open for the duration of the event.

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If you are allowing it I might pop by for some patterns :)

And, with that, West Coast Madness is under way!

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