IFATC - West Coast Madness


KLAS - Las Vegas, will only be open for the first hour of West Coast Madness.

Oh boy I’m ready

Flying into O’Kland from Hunolooloo (English 100) I should be getting to OAK at about 5:50 EDT, cutting it close 😬

KBUR is open!

Darn I was so close to making it to KSAN before tower closed

It’s Back!

We’ll be open tomorrow from 2000Z to 2200Z!

The confirmed airports are as follows:

KSNA - @Thunderbolt
KBUR - @reer104
KHND - @Kamryn
KDEN - @Luke_Sta
KSFO - @lucaviness, @CaptainLeo1
KSAN - @Raze

KSBA - @Cameron_Stone
KSJC - @yoshi_flyer (second hour only) @BigBert10


🤩🤩🤩 showcasing the West Coast once again!!


Awesome can’t wait!

I’ll come around these airports I’m looking to fly all day around the coast

Hello Everyone! Im happy to be in the next schedule for IFATC at home! I will be open at KHND or Henderson Executive in Las Vegas, Nevada! Feel free to stop by the little GA airport! See you in the skies!

My schedule will be 2020-07-19T17:00:00Z2020-07-19T22:00:00Z

Time automatically corrected to your area

Read more here!

See you in the skies!

Can’t wait to see everyone in the skies! Don’t forget to give love to those further East than the actual West Coast (KDEN 🏔)

KSAN is where it’s at at 20:00Z, though KDEN- KSAN is only about 1-1.5hr max flight time 😉

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KSAN TGS OPEN come fly and enjoy Coronado! Closed, will be back soon!

West Coast Madness begins in 15 minutes! Hope to see you all!

New update: @PlaneGeek will be on LA and Oakland centers!

I’ll be there, the CA coast is one of the best places to fly.

@Thunderbolt, will you be open at the start? I’m planning a flight to KSNA.

I will be open for the duration of the event.

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If you are allowing it I might pop by for some patterns :)

And, with that, West Coast Madness is under way!

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