IFATC - West Coast Madness

West Coast Madness

You’ve seen East Coast Madness. Now, it’s time to take the show west of the Mississippi. With the second annual IFATC At Home day upon us, we’re taking the show west. With 14 airports scattered around the west coast being fully staffed, we are taking the show to the next level. From GA airports to international airports, the options are plenty, and the choices are unlimited.


Server: Expert


KSNA - Orange County John Wayne Airport

With the shortest commercial runway in the United States, Orange County Airport, located in Orange County, California is unique not only for a short runway, but unique takeoff procedures, including a steep takeoff as well as an engine powerback over the city of Newport Beach. KSNA handled almost 11 million passengers in 2019.

Recommended Route: KSNA -> KSJC - Southwest 737

Tower and Ground: @Thunderbolt
SoCal Approach: @AsternAviation

KBUR - Hollywood Burbank Airport


Serving the Northern Los Angeles area, Burbank Airport is the closest airport to the famed city of Hollywood. Another airport with strict noise abatement procedures, Burbank and it’s two intersecting runways serve destinations across the country. It also happens to have two rail stations.

Recommended Route: KBUR -> KLAS - Spirit A320

Tower and Ground: @reer104

KSAN - San Diego International Airport


We head down the 5 freeway to San Diego, to the busiest single runway airport in the nation, and third busiest in the world. With services from the A340s of Lufthansa (Frankfurt) and Edelweiss (Zurich), as well as the British Airways Queen and Japan Airlines Dreamliner, San Diego offers one of the largest varieties of choices for a small airport.

Recommended Route: KSAN -> KSMF - Southwest 737

Tower and Ground: @AarkonTV

KONT - Ontario International Airport


One of the United State’s busiest cargo airports, Ontario, a hub for UPS, is located 38 miles from Downtown Los Angeles. With international service to Mexico as well as China Airlines service to Taipei, Ontario is another one of those “unknown” SoCal airports.

Recommended Route: KONT -> KOAK - UPS 757

Tower and Ground: @Raze

KSMO - Santa Monica Airport


One of the most well-known general aviation airports in the country, Santa Monica is home to several flight schools, including Santa Monica Flyers. With some of the most expensive landing fees, Santa Monica is certainly one of the prominent GA airports in the country.

Recommended Route: KSNA -> KVNY - Any GA Aircraft

Tower and Ground: @Asher

KVNY - Van Nuys Airport


Owned by the same company that owns LAX, Los Angeles World Airports, Van Nuys is one of the busiest GA airports in the world, averaging upwards of 200,000 takeoffs and landings each year. The Los Angeles City Fire Department houses their Air Operations Unit at this airport, and it also serves as the maintenance hub for LAPD and LADWP helicopters.

Recommended Route: KVNY -> KSMO - Any GA Aircraft

Tower and Ground: @CarlosFunes

KSBA - Santa Barbara Airport


Located 7 miles west of downtown Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Airport is served by multiple commercial airlines, including United, American, Alaska, Sun Country, Frontier, Contour, and Delta, along with several general aviation services housed at the airport. With the beautiful Malibu scenery on the approach, this is an airport you shouldn’t overlook!

Recommended Route: KSBA -> KDEN - United A320

Tower and Ground: @Cameron_Stone


KOAK - Oakland International Airport


Located across the bay from SFO, Oakland, a FedEx hub as well as a focus city for Allegiant, Southwest, and JSX, is a gateway for domestic flying in the US. With destinations in the United States, Mexico, and the Azores, as well as cargo routes to China and Japan, Oakland is the third-largest airport in the Bay Area.

Recommended Route: KOAK -> KLGB - Southwest 737

Tower and Ground: @Aceorbit

KSJC - Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport


@BigBert10’s favorite airport, San Jose, the second largest airport in the bay area offers services to Asia, Europe, and the United States. San Jose is also a focus city for Alaska Airlines. With flights to Guadalajara, Mexico, Vancouver, London, Tokyo, Beijing, and Frankfurt, San Jose is certainly one-of-a-kind.

Recommended Route: KSJC -> KSNA - Southwest 737

Tower and Ground: @Piazza

KSMF - Sacramento International Airport


We head north, to the state capital, Sacramento. As the gateway to the State Capitol, Yosemite National Park, Napa Wine Country, and Lake Tahoe, Sacramento offers services across the country, as well as to Mexico.

Recommended Route: KSMF -> KDEN - Frontier A320

Tower and Ground: @AnomalyWaffle


KPDX - Portland International Airport


We head out of California, to the state up north, Oregon, in particular, the largest and most populous city in Oregon, Portland. A hub for Alaska Airlines as well as cargo airline Ameriflight, Portland handled almost 20 million passengers in 2019, 90% of the passenger air travel in the state of Oregon. PDX has received several awards, including several J.D. Power awards for overall highest amongst passenger satisfaction.

Recommended Route: KPDX -> KSAN - Southwest 737, Alaska 737/A320

Tower and Ground: @shat


KLAS - Las Vegas McCarran International Airport


We had to the east, to the focus city of Allegiant, Frontier, JSX, Southwest, Spirit, and Sun Country, to the busiest and largest airport in the state of Nevada. Located 5 miles south of the Strip, Las Vegas International has flights to North America, Europe, and Asia.

Recommended Route: Private Charter - KLAS -> KSMO - Cessna Citation X

Tower and Ground: @Matt_B


KDEN - Denver International Airport


We head a bit further east to the Mile High City, to one of the largest airports in the country, Denver International. A hub for United and Frontier, as well as a focus city for Southwest, Denver and it’s six runways handled 69 million people in 2019, one of the leaders in the country.

Recommended Route: KDEN -> KLAS - Spirit A320/Frontier A321/United 737

Tower and Ground: @Luke_Sta


  • To allow spreading of traffic, Los Angeles International (KLAX) and San Francisco International (KSFO) will remain closed during this event
  • Please follow all ATC instructions - enforced by ghosting

Can’t wait to participate in controlling! This will be really fun! Great work on the thread!


Can’t wait to open up Burbank! Thanks for making this happen

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Have you seen Portland lately? You won’t believe the surprises in store. :)


I was there in real life in January, but okay!

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This makes me happy! :D


Oh and btw, it’s also a focus city for Southwest and Delta :D


Also, with East Coast Madness happening from 1600 to 1800Z, transcontinental flights are timed perfectly!

East coast is better. 😉


I love the thread! Nice going thunder! Good job!

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Awesome! I’m tired of LAX and SFO always getting the traffic. Even though SNA is the second busiest airport for commercial and GA service in the Greater Los Angeles region. (Best airport imo) ✈️✈️✈️✈️

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Ik, this bugs me out as well. SJC doesn’t get enough love in the Bay Area because of the nearby SFO
I’m glad the IFATC is allowing this airport a chance to get some love!

I will try to attend whenever I can on Sunday and fly SJC-SNA


Yes! SNA-SJC used to be very busy, but not so much anymore since ASA ended service there. But I will definitely be flying all around Cali and try to hit every airport!


At least WN still has the route…I’ll see you on Sunday! :D

Oh and btw, anyone opening SJC (@Piazza), please don’t put “Straight Out Departures Only” in the ATIS because there are people like me who want to do the right loop

You should check out LGB, the visual for 30 is quite fun flying parallel to the 405 👍

I’ve flown into LGB before in IF…it’s hard to see the 405 in IF 😂

Idk…I’ll pick either SNA or LGB because the first post said SJC-SNA is the featured route

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You fly right over KSNA too! Very interesting approach.

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Sure glad to be part of this! I hope I see some of you at DEN on sunday :)


Everybody make sure to check out KOAK!!! Oakland handles all sorts of traffic with its four runways. From its many GA and private ramps/gates, to the cargo and passenger areas, it’s sure to be a great start or finish to your flight!

Can’t wait! Thanks to everyone for is taking part in this (and all IFATC volunteers)


Cant wait! Thanks for the offer to control @Thunderbolt 😊

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