IFATC Weekly Statistics: Week of 6th July


IFATC Statistics WK 06 JUL

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the new IFATC Statistics!

With the release of 20.1, the leadership team took a step back to familiarise ourselves with the new update & the like. Now with recruitment & controlling in full swing, the weekly stats are back in action with this week’s instalment.

Let’s dig straight into last week’s statistics & recaps!

Weekly Recap

Overall, last week featured an absolute abundance of airports across the globe ranging from Australia to the tips of Canada! Ultimately, this produced quite significant amounts of traffic throughout the week leading to a great ATC effort throughout the entirety of the week by the team! Additionally, on both Thursday & Saturday we had two wonderful events produced by members of the community featured which brought us to New Orleans and all across Australia in two massive flyouts! And on the very last day of the schedule, we had four regions across the globe featured originating in Chennai to all the way in Frankfurt. An absolutely awesome week & effort by all!

With a busy summer period ahead, I’d also like to welcome our two new trainers to the community, @Adam & @Panther! Both bring an absolute abundance of experience & knowledge to the table and will be providing more coverage to the oceanic region and beyond. Huge congratulations guys!

Currently, we’re tracking very well through the current week and have a big couple days ahead of us with a stunning & diverse schedule lined up for the rest of the week. Be sure to be on the lookout for Sunday’s schedule with the team featuring their home airport’s all across the globe!

Otherwise, if you’d like to view a brief recap of the Controlling & Recruitment stats, feel free to check them out below:

Controller Recap

Overall, another great week controlling wise. Here’s the detailed recap:

Throughout the week, the team accumulated a total of 60,353 operations all together with an average of 78.8 operations every single hour!
This was done by the 458 controllers who have been active in the last 90 days and as a direct result, we had over 817 ATC sessions, 98 Airports, and 224 ATC Freqs opened!

An awesome week once again!
Thank you to everyone who controlled & to all the pilots for flying out!

Recruitment Recap

This week on the recruitment side of IFATC we are having a magnitude of changes!

Overall, we had a grand total of 115 training sessions being scheduled throughout the week, made up of 48 local sessions & 67 radar sessions. Ultimately, this resulted in an average of 16.4 sessions per day and resulted in 21 practical tests throughout the week.

We also had a total of 9 brand new controllers join the ranks this week!

Of course, another huge thank you also goes out to the 41 attendees that came to sessions throughout the week & those that went above and beyond, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
See you in the skies or on the radar scope!
Till next week,

Controller Statistics:

Updated @ 2300Z, 14th July

Recruitment Statistics:

Updated @ 2300Z, 14th July

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A huge thank you to the following people for helping out a ton to make this instalment a reality:

  • Aaron C
  • MJhendo
  • Will A
  • Juan
  • Chris S
  • Adam C
  • Tyler S



Another week… Well done IFATC Team 👍✌


Congrats again @Panther and @Adam :)


Congratulations @Adam and @Panther, well deserved! And way to go IFATC! It’s great to see the radar training sessions bumping up! Thanks Luke for the wonderful stats!


We did a good job!


Congrats again guys and it’s so awesome to see the IFATC Weekly Stats back, Luke. Nice work!


Great job guys! We did really good! Keep up the good work!


nice in the thread and nice job IFATC team!

y’all are like family and love being able to control and chat with you guys!

here’s to another week🍺


@Luke_M was I close at all to being active or not cause I’m new? I’ve done at least 1 hour a day.

First time I’ve seen an IFATC stats thread, and it looks great! Really interesting info here, it’d be a great idea to do more in the future! Y’all are always keeping the expert server running, and this last week has been no different. Hope to see more awesome controlling next week!

It’s great to see so many new people in the application process, training, or have become part of IFATC!

I’ve gotta say it, prepare to be tagged. 😂
Congrats, @Panther and @Adam! Y’all deserve it!


Another awesome week! With all these new controllers joining IFATC! Huge congratulations to those made it into IFATC🎊🎉

Also huge congratulations to @Adam and @Panther to join IFATC trainers team!


Congratulations guys! Also nice work Luke!


Congrats! Nice work to all of us!


I really love to see these statistics posts. Good job controllers, here’s to another week of controlling! 😉 🍻


Yes! It is back again! Thanks for this @Luke_M

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That is fabulous, well done all IFATC!


Well done to everyone who took part this week 👏.

Especially to the controllers who put time and effort into attending training sessions for the benefit of others! Great thing to see and I’m glad to be a part of it.



Well done to all the IFATC members keepin our skies clear and safe!

It was a very hectic week and the controllers handelled the busy airports suuuppper well!


Wow thanks! And a huge congrats to @Adam and @Panther!!


Well done to my Aussie legends @Adam @Panther. Great work as usual Luke