IFATC Weekly Statistics: Week of 4th May


IFATC Statistics WK 04MAY

Hello everyone & welcome to the first brand new version of the weekly IFATC Statistics!
With this brand new version of the statistics, we have a range of changes in contrast to the last version of the statistics!

Introducing the Controller Statistics
We’ve added an additional graphic to showcase a snapshot of the valuable work of the controllers on the expert server. In this new graphic, you’ll be able to find a variety of statistics ranging from how many operations the team accumulated in the week, to how many hours the team controlled as a whole; it’s amazing what the team achieves every week!! Additionally, we’ve also decided to feature those controllers who have been providing services to pilots all week long.
Be sure to check out these new features below!

Introducing the reworked Recruitment Statistics
Of course, we still have the original recruitment statistics that features a strong range of data from how many sessions the training team scheduled, to the amount of new controllers the team had throughout the entirety of the week; all showcasing the non-stop work of the IFATC Training/Recruitment team. As you’ll also see, we’ve added one or two new stats to the list in the graphic to further your insight into the overall program.
Be sure to keep an eye out for those & other features in the graphic below!

Weekly Recap

Overall, we had a very strong week with significant amounts of traffic throughout the week ranging from FNF to ATC @ Home, ultimately bringing a huge amount of inbounds//departures for the team to work.

I’d also like to welcome our newest trainer, @TaipeiGuru & welcome back @Juan_Oosthuizen and @TAI to the training team! They bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the table and will ultimately be educating the future controllers of the expert server; Congratulations guys!!

If you’d like to view a brief recap of the Controlling & Recruitment stats, feel free to check them out below:

Controlling Recap

As stated earlier, this was a very busy week on the controlling side of IFATC.

Throughout the week, the team accumulated a total of 97,343 operations all together with an average of 94.5 operations every single hour!
This was all done by the 247 controllers who controlled throughout the week and as a result we had over 1009 ATC sessions, 107 Airports, and 264 ATC Freqs opened!

What a stunner of a week!
Thank you to everyone who controlled & to all the pilots for flying out!

Recruitment Recap

This week on the recruitment side of IFATC was also a spectacular week!

You may have noticed in previous versions of statistics that the amount of scheduled sessions was absolutely skyrocketing due to COVID-19 & the like! Well, after weeks & weeks of constant non-stop sessions, the amount of sessions has finally plateaued. Consequently, over the next few weeks you may see the amount of scheduled sessions drop further as we return to more calm and normal operations in regards to the recruitment program.

Otherwise, we had a grand total of 133 training sessions being scheduled throughout the week made up of 80 local sessions & 53 radar sessions. Ultimately, this resulted in an average of 19 sessions per day and resulted in 21 practical tests throughout the week.

We also had a total of 18 brand new controllers join the ranks this week which was great to see!!

A huge thank you also goes out to the 68 attendees that came to sessions throughout the week, can’t thank you enough!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
See you in the skies or on the radar scope!
Till next week,

Controller Statistics:

Updated @ 0100Z, 12th May

Recruitment Statistics:

Updated @ 0100Z, 12th May

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A huge thank you to the following people for helping out a ton to make this instalment a reality:

  • Aaron C
  • MJhendo
  • Chris S
  • Tyler S



Very good job everyone!

Love the incorporation of the new IFATC logo and graphics! Looking good!

Also, great to see the surplus of new applicants!

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Nice Job everyone! I can retake my practical on Thursday Night!

Great job everyone! Hopefully joining the ranks soon


The graphics are gorgeous! Hats off to all of the controllers out there!

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Great job everyone, happy to have joined the ranks this week, look forward to doing some more controlling :D


yassss congrats @TaipeiGuru!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


yam gang congratulates


The controller statistics is a good addition, fantastic to see over 107 airports opened with IFATC at home. Hopefully pilots got to see a new part of the world!

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Great job everyone!

Congratulations @TaipeiGuru! Also great job all controllers this week!

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Cannot wait for me to pass my written!
Congrats with the amazing stats

I do really like seeing these stats! Looks like a lot of hard work is being put in which is amazing to see. Hands down for all the current controllers and future controllers to keeping the skies safe! Almost makes me want to join.

Thanks all controllers!!

Love the amount of new controller taking this new experience. Keep up the great work Luke.

I am an absolute geek for graphic design, and that color scheme is on point! Congrats to @TaipeiGuru as well!


Thanks a ton everyone, really appreciate the kind words, means a lot!

What an outstanding week by the entire team though, huge thanks to everyone involved!! 💯


I wonder how many of those hours @Speedbird_286 spent at Gatwick 😜


Looks great! @Choccymilk looks like your 6-7 hour sessions are paying off!

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yeah, i think it it worked

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