IFATC Weekly Statistics: Week of 1st June


IFATC Statistics WK 01 JUN

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the new IFATC Statistics!

This week, the very last week without 20.1 has once again been a stunner with a heap of sessions and a ton of new recruitment updates to the entirety of IFATC! With fresh new numbers, recaps and more;

Let’s dig straight into last week’s statistics & recaps!

Weekly Recap

Overall, as stated this week was the very last week before the brand new 20.1 update to Infinite Flight! With the update being so close, we once again had a great week with featuring a range of airports across the globe. Additionally, on Saturday we had a 50/50 theme which brought us all across Canada and Asia; a great week in gearing up to 20.1!

Throughout last week, the leadership team was hard at work in preparation of 20.1 with a brand new IFATC Manual being released, and a live webinar in order to help familiarisation with new procedures in 20.1. And we’re finally here in 20.1, the week we’re in currently is definitely going to be a unique one!

On the controlling side of things, we all as a team accumulated 96,000+ operations with traffic being vectored and controlled seamlessly across the expert server! On the other hand in the recruitment department, we’ve had 10 new controllers join the ranks and just over 140 training sessions complete; you may have already noticed that recruitment & training has been temporarily paused. This is so all trainers, recruiters and the like are able to familiarise themselves with new procedures, ultimately so we can educate & recruit as best as possible!

With 20.1 freshly unwrapped, this is destined to be a significant week on both the controlling & flying aspect of Infinite Flight with a range of brand new features. If you do have any questions about any procedures and the like, always feel free to reach out to a supervisor for clarification!

If you’d like to view a brief recap of the Controlling & Recruitment stats, feel free to check them out below:

Controller Recap

Overall, an absolute stunner of a week controlling wise. Here’s the detailed recap:

Throughout the week, the team accumulated a total of 96,031 operations all together with an average of 107.45 operations every single hour!
This was done by the 415 controllers who have been active in the last 90 days and as a direct result, we had over 1,136 ATC sessions, 264 Airports, and 639 ATC Freqs opened!

An awesome week once again!
Thank you to everyone who controlled & to all the pilots for flying out!

Recruitment Recap

This week on the recruitment side of IFATC we are still standing strong with the recruitment process at full steam!

Overall, we had a grand total of 141 training sessions being scheduled throughout the week, made up of 64 local sessions & 77 radar sessions. Ultimately, this resulted in an average of 20.1 sessions per day and resulted in 17 practical tests throughout the week.

We also had a total of 10 brand new controllers join the ranks this week!

Of course, another huge thank you also goes out to the 44 attendees that came to sessions throughout the week & those that went above and beyond, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
Hope you all are loving 20.1 as much as I am!
Till next week,

Controller Statistics:

Updated @ 0600Z, 11th June
Top active controllers temporarily removed

Recruitment Statistics:

Updated @ 0600Z, 11th June
Average number of sessions was 20.1 :0

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A huge thank you to the following people for helping out a ton to make this instalment a reality:

  • Aaron C
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