IFATC Weekly Statistics: Week of 18th May


IFATC Statistics WK 18MAY

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the IFATC Statistics!

This week brought us once again a number of absolutely amazing sessions and a ton of new recruitment updates to the entirety of IFATC! With fresh new numbers, recaps and more;

Let’s dig straight into the week statistics & recaps!

Recap on new features...

Introducing the Controller Statistics
We’ve added an additional graphic to showcase a snapshot of the valuable work of the controllers on the expert server. In this new graphic, you’ll be able to find a variety of statistics ranging from how many operations the team accumulated in the week, to how many hours the team controlled as a whole; it’s amazing what the team achieves every week!! Additionally, we’ve also decided to feature those controllers who have been providing services to pilots all week long.
Be sure to check out these new features below!

Introducing the reworked Recruitment Statistics
Of course, we still have the original recruitment statistics that features a strong range of data from how many sessions the training team scheduled, to the amount of new controllers the team had throughout the entirety of the week; all showcasing the non-stop work of the IFATC Training/Recruitment team. As you’ll also see, we’ve added one or two new stats to the list in the graphic to further your insight into the overall program.
Be sure to keep an eye out for those & other features in the graphic below!

Weekly Recap

Overall, this week was once again a great week with the majority of the week having a range of featured airports across the globe. Additionally, on Saturday we had an ATC around the world which brought us all across the globe in just one day; what a week!

Throughout the graphics below, it proved to be be another successful week for the team with almost 1,100 airports & just over 400 frequencies being opened! An absolute stunning effort by everyone and cheers to all the pilots who flew out!

On the other hand in the recruitment department, the number of scheduled training sessions are still excelling with 150+ sessions taking place throughout the week! A huge thanks to all those who are going above & beyond through attending a vast amount of sessions; we can’t thank you enough!

Additionally, throughout the week we’ve had three new radar controllers and ten new local controllers join the ranks. Be sure to keep an eye out for them with their first sessions in their new positions on the expert server!

If you’d like to view a brief recap of the Controlling & Recruitment stats, feel free to check them out below:

Controller Recap

Overall, an absolute stunner of a week controlling wise. Here’s the detailed recap:

Throughout the week, the team accumulated a total of 68,594 operations all together with an average of 81 operations every single hour!
This was done by the 382 controllers who have been active in the last 90 days and as a direct result, we had over 1,093 ATC sessions, 178 Airports, and 412 ATC Freqs opened!

An awesome week once again!
Thank you to everyone who controlled & to all the pilots for flying out!

Recruitment Recap

This week on the recruitment side of IFATC we are still standing strong with the recruitment process at full steam!

Overall, we had a grand total of 172 training sessions being scheduled throughout the week, made up of 95 local sessions & 77 radar sessions. Ultimately, this resulted in an average of 24.6 sessions per day and resulted in 14 practical tests throughout the week.

We also had a total of 10 brand new controllers join the ranks this week and 3 new IFATC officers who are now permitted to control radar!

Of course, another huge thank you also goes out to the 57 attendees that came to sessions throughout the week & those that went above and beyond, this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!
Special thanks to @ThomasR who has been in the stats for a number of weeks in a row now, cheers dude!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
See you in the skies or on the radar scope!
Till next week,

Controller Statistics:

Updated @ 2100Z, 27th May

Recruitment Statistics:

Updated @ 2100Z, 27th May

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A huge thank you to the following people for helping out a ton to make this instalment a reality:

  • Aaron C
  • MJhendo
  • Will A
  • Chris S
  • Adam C
  • Tyler S



Wow amazing. Great Job IFATC Team! :)


Great job recruiting and training team! Lots of great work all around!


Ahhh Manchester another master piece. Great Job!!


@ThomasR Come to think of it, I can’t remember a session of mine when you weren’t there. Not sure how you manage to find the time, but it’s truly appreciated. Keep it up!

And of course, a round of applause to Wesley, Enrique and everybody else who regularly attends sessions. You all help keep the program alive, so thank you for your dedication. :)


I was not expecting to be on both charts. 😂 Great job IFATC team!


Wow excellent to see all the great things we are all doing! Another great post @Luke_M and can’t wait to see next weeks post. Keep up the excellent controlling everyone! 🍻👏


Amazing, looking forward to my practical! :)


Excellent job as always with these @Luke_M!

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