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Information on the https://www.ifatc.org website which is loved by many, and not utilised enough.

This website is provided to all IFATC upon joining the team. It helps to keep us all on track and allow us to make informed decisions on where to open, based on the schedule. Features provided are:

  • Weekly Schedule
  • Airport Information (Runways, Gates, Location, METAR, Freqs ect)
  • Current ATC Tracking
  • Inbound Aircraft Numbers (ETE Till Dest)
  • Maps, Distance Measurement (New)
  • Airport Searching (Search for characteristics)
  • IF Aircraft & Liveries
  • Help/FAQs
  • Live Fligths
  • Terrain Maps for Airports (WIP)
  • ...and more

    This website isn’t as widely known to non-IFATC members and can improve the Pilot’s experience as they can be better prepared for departures and approaches. A crucial feature is the gate information. On the Expert server, if your aircraft is not accommodated IRL, then you can be denied departure/approach. Its important to take note of the aircraft size restrictions before planning a flight, to ensure no diversions.

    The Live ATC feature (similar to that in-game) allows you as a pilot to pick and plan a flight plan which incorporates Live ATC. You are provided the airport information for these airports, and can even plan ahead later in the week as the schedule is updated each week.

    All credits and a huge thank-you to @DenverChris


I think you mean https://www.ifatc.org/ :)

I agree, it is indeed a great website made by @DenverChris. Many props to him!


It linked me to a French university 😂


IFATC.com took me to some weird French Therapy thing or something 😂😂😂


Is a there website for the training server ATC?

Might want to add some info to the post😉. It’s such a great website with really valuable features so here’s a list I had made a while back.


Open atc frequencies info

(Controller/time/Featured airport info open frequencies)


(Current time and next region change for atc)


Airport details

(Closest city/class/elevation/possible frequencies/RW length/types of gates depending on aircraft size/metar)

Distance between airports

Search list of airports

(Depending on: distance/class/elevation max min/presence of a certain frequency/number of runways/type of runway/gate number and size)

Global flights



Plane lookup

(Display name/dest/calsign/ETA/speed/alt/aircraft/link to a map)


Aircraft type and livery lookup

(Ask livery gives all planes with it/ask aircraft shows all types and liveries)


(Airborn not/ FPL vfr finish at an airport not/ aircraft type)

Handy links/other/FAQs

Links to handy websites

And now best of all (wasn’t there when I made the list) there’s a great map with terrain and some airports even have sids and stars!

Feel free to add it into your first post


This website provides airport information which can be used on all servers. The Live ATC tracking and the Schedule is for the Expert Server Only

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That’s a great website indeed. I don’t know who’s behind it, but if Infinite Flight provides live ATIS data through API, it will be great to have that information also.

Anyway, I love it and I think everyone should pay a visit.


@DenverChris made it. I’m sure he’ll look into that feature if it’s possible and demand.

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Glad you like the site! A couple of points:

  • @Jammydj1is correct re the site being for the expert server only. He is also correct that airport and map info is the same across all servers so those features work everywhere. I don’t have any plans to support other servers.
  • Only ifatc.org will work. As noted ifatc.com goes somewhere else. :-)
  • I would love to make ATIS available but it is currently not available via the API. The Infinite Flight dev team (they are amazing btw) is aware of the interest.

“Oh boi do I love IFATC.org!” 😂😂😂

Really awesome website, Chris. Well put together and very informative for us IFATC.

Anyone who does ATC on the TS could benefit from this too.

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Woah, I didn’t even know you could see actual planes inbound to an airport…

Now thats really cool


Very nice site, very fast. Thanks

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