IFATC was in the wrong or the other pilot?


I was flying into Atlanta earlier and while I was on arrival. I was descending via Glavn1 and I was first and another pilot flew over me and I believe I should’ve not been vectored and ATC could’ve vectored the other aircraft with a 360. Instead they vectored me around town and delayed my arrival by a couple mins. Not sure but I do know IFATC can vector a pilot due to the surrounding environment .


I don’t think anyone is in the wrong here. I actually remember seeing you arriving right in front of me earlier, and I was also pulled off my STAR early for vectoring. I had a pilot that was originally behind me but passed overhead me as they were faster, and ended up landing behind them. You and I both arrived a little later than expected due to the vectoring, but that’s what’s necessary at very busy hub airports usually, especially Atlanta.

TLDR: This is just the nature of hub airports. Expect delays when flying to them and plan for them.


The Controller could of vectored you off of your FPL for a number of reasons. With KATL being quite busy I’m sure they had a reason for it.

If you want to know more information then PM the controller.


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, Not making a big dealt out of it, Maybe it’ll be a little more realistic when the ATC Regions come into place, Highly doubt that Atlanta would get this much traffic, maybe it will?

If you were descending into Atlanta earlier, your controller was likely myself or @Jakub_Astary. I’d be more than happy to look at my replay to let you know why what happened happened if it was me.

Its perfectly realistic for a controller to vector a flight off of STARs in a busy airport environment.


wait? really. so they don’t fly the sid and star all the time? most flights i’ve seen irl go through the star and sids all the time though?

Right. However, due to traffic load, weather, etc., this happens frequently in Infinite Flight.

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oh okay. didn’t know that happened in real life

No it doesn’t happen in real life because an airport never sees dozens of inbounds at the same time in real life unlike in IF.

Too many planes here, The ATC Might is having a hard time here.

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