I was just recently flying into IFATC Cape Town, and everything went fine. Vectoring was great, however until final this here happened:

ATC gave me the command to maintain slowest practical speed, however as I was intercepting the glide slope, Infinite Flight did its usual bug and pitched up because I was just a little high, this screwed me over, and trying to descend and lose speed at the same time wasn’t easy. Then ATC said that if I don’t follow intentions I will be ghosted. I checked one more time what the last message was, and it was to maintain slowest practical speed. I was going 170 KTS by the way. I just think its weird that you instantly will be ghosted if you make any mistake.

I fly on Vatsim as well, and I thought people would be way more attentive for errors on there. However things seem more ‘laid-back’ and that making mistakes is ‘humanly’ on vatsim. For example on Infinite Flight if you accidentally cross a runway without permission, you instantly receive 7 day ghost. It seems ridiculous that a mobile sim is that strict. If something like that happened on Vatsim, you definitely wouldn’t instantly be ghosted or banned.

Things just seem too strict for a Mobile Simulator. The only reason why I’m making this topic is because I just want people to re-think how harsh this system can be.


But in all reality, this is no different than VATSIM.
You just view it differently in your mind. They are both sims, IFATC aims to provide the most “real” experience, as do most of the pilots who fly on the expert server aim to also provide.

Try and cross a runway in real life, without clearance, and see what happens.

If ATC (sim or real life) is telling you to maintain slowest practical speed, it’s for your own good, not because they are aiming to be a jerk.


I view it this way:
(A) I slow down so I don’t collide with someone/provide adequate spacing


(B) they vector me again, and it takes me twice as long to arrive

My choice.

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Yes. VATSIM is a lot more lenient when it comes to breaking rules. However, they have high standards for their pilots too. VATSIM is just a different environment. And for most situations, IFATCs give warnings before ghostings.

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This scenario in real life could be fatal.


Well in my opinion there is a difference between the two. IFATC is a pre-written ATC system where all you have to communicate are ATC commands that have already been layed out for you, where all you have to do is press a button. On VATSIM you have to come up with readbacks, and all those things yourself. There are human factors involved in VATSIM, where IFATC is a mobile ATC system that offers you a simple experience of the real thing. Thats why I dont think IFATC is trying to provide the most ‘Real’ Experience.

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True, however they are both Sims and no lives are lost if a collision does ever occur lmao


While I agree there is a big difference in voice communication and generated communication, to say IFATC doesn’t try and provide a real experience isn’t very fair.


Well, that’s the difference between a game and a simulator. Simulator simulate RL and IRL it would be fatal. So that’s why it’s “fatal” also in a sim.

We have a lmao server. It’s called Casual. Go there, break all the rules you want, no consequences.

The fact that there’s one server here for people a little more serious about things doesn’t make it ‘bad’, it’s just one third of the servers. You’re more than welcome not to use that one. I’m sure no one would complain.


How is a broken ILS intercept system breaking the rules?

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@Tim_B I agree.

I have never had any issues with ATC when following instructions and asking for permission to do things.

the ONLY time I’ve ever been ‘ghosted’ was MY fault, I taxied into another aircraft while not paying attention. That’s it.

Other than that, perfect professional experience.

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I think that ‘accidentally’ crossing a runway of the most professional of the 3 servers without permission should warrant a ghosting. It can’t be unfair if there are 2 other servers where this penalty doesn’t apply.

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To be fair that does seem to make sense.

How doesn’t it make sense exactly?

It’s not, but the simple fact is that the radar controller has put you into a position so that you are a set distance between you and the arrival ahead, so that I as the Tower controller I can get a departure out in between.

I asked you to maintain slowest speed as you were catching the aircraft ahead up. When I look back, you have increased speed, I don’t know as the controller you’re having difficulties, all I can see is that you are not doing what I have asked you to do, the only command I can send is the ‘please follow instructions’ one, just because it has the ‘… or you will be ghosted’ bit on the end does not me I will instantly ghost you, but we can’t have a command for absolutely every eventuality otherwise it would be impractical to control.

On a side note, as controllers we are trying to provide a service to everyone on the Expert Server, and attempt at least, to make it as real as we can with the resources we have. Of course as others have said, there are other servers available too if you prefer, but simply we are here to make the experience better for everyone. Therefore I don’t think it is fair to make a person that has been patiently waiting 15 minutes to depart, wait another 3 minutes because a pilot has not followed my instructions and closed the gap in arrivals.


Things are how they are because this is what the community wants. Rules are constantly being regulated because we want to maintain the highest level of realism possible. A lot of times when you’re on with ATC there’s a good amount of traffic who are people that are also paying customers looking for a realistic experience so doing things like entering a runway without permission can ruin the experience for them. That’s why the info in the app tells you that rules are strictly enforced on the expert server. If you don’t like it there’s always training and casual or vatsim in your case.


Another factor is that VATSIM often has a lot less traffic, so making a mistake will affect less people. I do partially agree with you, IFATC is strict when it comes to little pilot mistakes. But that’s why it’s called expert server. For big mistakes such as crossing a runway without permission, IFATC has the right to be strict. Also, a ghost doesn’t instantly ban you. 5 within a year does, and not permanently.


ps- great controlling today @RAH
you were pushing tin left and right. I didn’t have to wait anymore than 5min for departure.


Yeah that can be true, I can imagine that if it gets as busy as it was in Cape Town then that could result in a warning or ban on VATSIM.