IFATC - Vancouver Takeover [complete]

  • Image credit: @Ecoops123
  • Image edits: @Kamryn
  • Information below: Wikipedia, Transport Canada

Today/tomorrow IFATC return to having complete control of another region! This time, I chose to host a take-over session at Vancouver, taking advantage of it’s natural beauty in the City, the Island, and a controlled hop across to Kelowna.

Active event times: 2020-08-17T21:00:00Z - 2020-08-17T23:00:00Z

During the 2nd hour is controller discretion. Not all airports will be open at this point.

Here’s the airports we’ll be controlling (updated regularly, controller list will grow as time comes closer):

Key terms:

GTS = Ground, Tower, ATIS
TS = Tower, ATIS
Appr/Dep = Approach and Departure

Airport Frequency Controller
CYVR Vancouver Center N/A
CYVR Vancouver Ground @Ecoops123
CYVR Vancouver Tower/ATIS @Ecoops123*
CYVR Vancouver Approach @Shane
CYVR Vancouver Departure @Shane
CYYJ Victoria GTS N/A
CYYJ Victoria Appr/Dep N/A
CYXX Abbotsford GTS @Bruno_Salvi1
CYXX Abbotsford Approach N/A
CYPK Pitt Meadows GTS @Oskapew
CYQQ/CYBL Approach N/A
CYBL Campbell River GTS N/A
CYLW Kelowna GTS @Kamryn

*May split if traffic is heavier than expected.

IFATC are welcome to open any other BC airport to be included in this take-over. DM me via Slack.


CYVR - Vancouver

Vancouver International Airport, being the International Airport to Vancouver, and the 2nd busiest in Canada hosts some of the best scenic flights across the globe. Here you can find routes operated by seaplanes, to routes that go on routes that are some of the longest in the world! Vancouver is rated the best Northern American airport by Skytrax for over an entire decade! It would be great to see you at this amazing airport!

CYYJ - Victoria

Victoria’s International Airport is the 11th busiest airport in Canada, and hosts a great amount of scenic routes across Canada the US, and Mexico. Victoria. Being the capital of British Columbia, it served over 2 million passengers in 2018, and once hosted aircraft as large as the Boeing 767-300. There’s a terrific 25-minute flight from Vancouver, it’s a great short hop to try out, you won’t regret it!

CYXX - Abbotsford

Abbotsford is smaller town in the lower mainland of British Columbia, 65 kilometres (40 miles) from Vancouver’s city centre. Abbotsford is well known for its yearly airshows, dating back to 1962. They’re also well known for the Canadian Snow Birds, and have previously seen the Breitling Jet Team, and the Blue Angels. Abbotsford’s main carrier is Swoop, a WestJet owned airline using 737-800’s. Abbotsford is a fun airport to fly into, it definitely needs some great attention!

CYPK - Pitt Meadows

Pitt Meadows, despite being such a small airport General Aviation airport, was the 17th busiest airport by aircraft movements in 2018. It was once the busiest airport in the entire country by aircraft movements! Pretty unbelievable. Pitt Meadows is home to 9 flight schools, and many charter airlines operating small propeller powered aircraft, floatplanes, and helicopters. This is a great fun airport to have some pattern work on!

CYQQ - CFB Comox

Canadian Forces Base Comox, is a Air Force base located a couple of miles North of Comox, on Vancouver Island. CFB Comox also allows Civilian, and commercial traffic with aircraft as large as 737-800’s operating out to regional Canada.

CYBL - Campbell River

Campbell Airport is a General Aviation based airport, with Pacific Coastal operating small prop aircraft across the Vancouver region. Campbell River is located on the North Eastern coast of Vancouver Island. It is a beautiful area to fly a smaller aircraft, it would be great to fly around Vancouver Island, exploring the terrain with a little prop’ at your hands!

CYLW - Kelowna

Kelowna is the only featured airport outside of the Vancouver region. Kelowna offers one of the best approaches, with an unforgettable view and approach, to such a small but busy airport. Kelowna is the 10th busiest airport in Canada, serving traffic across Canada, The US, and Mexico with aircraft as large as 737-800’s/A320’s!

Any flight from the Vancouver region to Kelowna, and vice versa is the most suggested, and the most unforgettable and unregrettable* route you could ever wish for!

*Not a word? Change my mind…

We hope to see you at this IFATC takeover, as we explore one of the most scenic places in the globe, hosting all types of aircraft across all the airports that we offer!

Thanks for reading


You know I’m flying WSVG during this. 😏

I’ll for sure be there!


Love Vancouver. Might open up. Who knows 👀


Ughhh I can’t wait till I can do something like this. I just passed my written exam so hopefully soon @Ecoops123 I will make sure to stop by and fly. 🤩

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Lol you tagged this Serbian guy with the same name as me. Can you retag me. Thanks!

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The thread is mucking up… stand by.

All fixed. Sorry about that @AviatorNikola I didn’t want to be rude and ask but I was so confused when I saw that and was like “No way that is… but the same name… what…” 😂

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Yeah it is a very common Serbian first name AND last name so I am not surprised there is someone else, it’s sort of like John Smith. Very excited for my first takeover event!

I’ll take CYPK, my home airport and the one I do flight training out of if it’s still available please!

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Sure, it’s one yours! 😃

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I’m enroute to CYVR now, expected to land just before 10 tonight (BST) just before you come on 😅

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I’m sure Vancouver will still be open! Have a great flight in to this beautiful city!

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Really hope more people sign up for this!

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If you accept, I’m able to control Abbotsford GTS.

Sure, I’ve marked you down as the controller. 😄

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I’m sorry but I cannot attend anymore because my lesson got rescheduled to 2100z. This really sucks.

No worries, there’s always another time!

@Ecoops123 I’m on my way from Saskatoon in a Air Canada CRJ900! Callsign ACVA127.

I’ll be landing at Vancouver in about an hour from now


Hi I’d like to take an airport, an airport that’s Bravo but not a hub

Super glad to see Beautiful BC being opened by IFATC! By the way, YYJ did have WardAir B747’s years ago. And can accommodate RCAF CC-150 Polaris (A310), CC-130 Hercules, CC-177 Globemaster III and Airbus A330’s. A321 is the largest aircraft we routinely see now, though.

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Oh wow. I couldn’t find too much on the history of the airport (or at least read through the details oops). It’s definitely interesting, thanks for letting me know!

@Deacon_Williams CYYJ is the 2nd largest airport, but is a Charlie. Other Bravo’s include CYQQ, and any other Bravo airport you may wish to open in British Columbia.

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