IFATC VA Representatives

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Is there something like a IFATC VA representative? I mean, are IFATC members part of VA/VOs as ATC Representatives and help with ATC for the VA, like if there are pilot exams?

I know plane and pilot has an IFATC division. Not sure about other VAs tho.


I believe IFATC and IFVARB are two completely separate operations that don’t work with each other. It is a good idea to have IFATC controllers in your VA, however.

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IFATC is run by the official company Infinte Flight (Hope’s that helps)

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There are some VAs who may choose to bring on some dedicated IFATC members to help with ATC questions etc here and there. However there’s no official title within IFATC for that.

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There’s couple of groups that can help with IFATC journey but during you can’t be in any VA/VO that helps you out with ATC (eg: TSATC)

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