IFATC Twitch Streaming Tracking Thread | Declan_O

IFATC Twitch Stream Tracking Thread | Declan_O

Hey everyone! I’m live on twitch streaming some IFATC controlling at Heathrow Approach and Departure. Be sure to stop by and say g’day! This is also an opportuntiy for any of you looking to join IFATC, to see what it’s like behind the scenes.

Also feel free to ask any questions during the streams in regards to IFATC and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Current Live Stream Status:


Sounds pretty cool! Will be sure to hop on a stream sometime :)

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Thanks mate! Hope to see you on the stream soon.

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Live now at Tokyo. Come and join. Great opportunity for anyone that wants to see the behind the scenes of IFATC, hangout or ask questions about anything IFATC related.

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