IFATC Twitch stream Thread

Trying out streaming my controlling sessions! This is a thread and the link is above! Feel free to tune in!


Super cool Stream! Thanks for the share 😎

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Don’t have a bust. I’m playing, super cool for others to see how we do it, stunning work!


For sure, I found with Thai session that it will help those training to be officers. It will allow them to learn different techniques that they can implement into their own unique style.

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Operating EGSS Departure! Feel free to tune in!

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Now open on EIDW approach! Quite busy with 20 arrivals within 20 minutes!

ATC: Make a left 360
Pilot: Ok, turn heading 360 😂🤣

Beautiful session in EIDW, I really liked it!


Lol, I just had to adapt!

Nice bro!!! Followed you :)

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CYVR Approach open for the twitch flight! Going to be a busy session starting in around 30-40 minutes!

Open on London Center!

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Open at Busy EGPH on Tower, Ground, and ATIS!

Edit: problem with Twitch therefore stream is canceled

EGPH approach is open!

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Honolulu Center is Open

Honolulu Approach is open! I have the microphone on!

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Awesome stream although we don’t hear you very clear :p

Ok, will have to work on the audio for the next ones. I just had my earbuds in. Glad you liked it!

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Open VTSP Approach!

No ATC audio?

Don’t know why it’s not working

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