IFATC Twitch Stream OMDB Approach

Going to be really busy!

Feel free to tune in!


Open in Dubai! Controlling a busy Tower and Ground!

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Open on approach now! Going to be really really busy!

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im gonna arrive on 30min, maybe i’ll see myself on stream

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I’d suggest creating an S&V topic that you can continue to use every time you stream to avoid clogging up the IFC. Similar to an ATC tracking thread, but you just reply to the same topic every time you are streaming.

I think he created a stream thread already, but it was closed.

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This was the response from a moderator regarding a single thread for streams in general:

Unfortunately, the guidelines of the #screenshots-and-videos category states that streams can only be posted on the day that it is happening: After discussing tracking threads for streams, we decided to not allow them as what we do for one person, we have to do for everyone. Thanks!

Have a great day and see you in the skies!

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