IFATC Training

At what airport is the training and exam for IFATC?

Hey, they vary…

Training airports: they vary, mostly single runway airports or parallel runway airports

Exam: secret


So no one knows the most prob, or exact airports?

They are randomly selected by your trainer. The airport for your practical will be chosen by your recruiter


Okay thanks

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I think Toulouse is a common one.

Nice, thanks.

There is an exclusive list of testing airports which cannot be shared in public unfortunately. One of the reasons is to give the recruit some kind of “surprise” and prepare for such situations in a limited time.

But some training airports are actually really popular both in IFATC and here, in the IFC. Mostly are parallel and intersecting runways. :)

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Which are the training airports?

Not sure which of these are, and I cannot speak as an IFATC member to give you some ideas… so…

If you are really curious, maybe asking a Trainer in private would be good?

Can you tell me in private if it is possible? I just want to know since im realistic with the game like if I depart from Paris to London then the next flight ill do it from London, so I just wanted to know what my next flight will be.

The airports in which your test is held on are supposed to be confidential. Only the recruiter and the trainee will know which airport the test will be held on.

@pog_3r if you are giving your practical, have your concepts right and don’t get nervous.

It’s recommended to use airports with parallel runways and little terrain to practice. They will most likely be used in the practical exam.

Section 7.3 of IFATC Manual has what will be the criteria of the Initial Theory and Practical Test

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