IFATC Training VA/VOs

I’m not sure where I heard this before, but I remember hearing that there are VAs that offer teaching “courses” and “lessons” to help you learn, develop, and eventually apply to IFATC.

If it turns out something like this doesn’t exist it would be nice if a group of IFATC members could start a school for people and then when they “graduate” they apply for IFATC, and joins.

Just an idea, lmk what you think if this doesn’t exist.

Or if it does, it would be cool if there was a VO that was a school dedicated to this.

Well, when applying for IFATC, after passing Written, you can choose to be trained, by a trainer who are extremly good to teach

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I’m saying learning the 1, 2, 3s, A, B, Cs of controlling, no experience needed just Grade 3 & a basic understanding of how to communicate with IFATC.

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Once you apply for IFATC and pass the written exam, you can apply for a “IFATC Training” before you do the practical exam :)

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I’m saying the steps before the written, the stuff to get the info down, I know there’s a user guide, but maybe there could be people who will demonstrate each and every scenario, explain it bit by bit, this is the stuff before the written.

Adding to this, we have a dedicated Team of highly qualified IFATC Trainers that will help you out throughout your practical phase of becoming a part of the Team.
We don’t expect you to be a 100% qualified Controler when you apply.

To answer your question, there’s not a set VA/VO that entirely focuses on IFATC Training, however joining any VA will expose you to many members that are already in IFATC that are usually happy to help you out a little.

Here’s a little something on our official Training:

We look forward to seeing your application soon!


Ah I see, ok then.

Coming in Late June - Early July, 2021 👀


I am just there 😊

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