IFATC Training Team Statistics

Ever submitted a request for training?

Since the inception of the IFATC training program’s current iteration, trainers and trainees alike have been hard at work making things happen behind the scenes. Below is a compilation of numbers for your viewing pleasure, composing some of the most significant statistics to occur in the last six months.

This would have never been possible if each and every one of you decided to take advantage of the resources we offer. Remember, asking for help is never a bad thing - it is how people improve and better themselves in daily life. Controlling may not always be easy or understandable, but it is incredibly rewarding once you begin to learn at your own pace and under your own approach to the art. Trainers are simply there to help faciliate such growth.

Can we crack 1000 sessions by the end of the year? Better start submitting some more forms. ;)


Great to see how much IFATC and it’s training program have grown. Keep submitting for your sessions so I can come and get more landings :)

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