IFATC Training Team Statistics: Week of 30th March

IFATC Training Team Statistics WK 30MAR

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the weekly IFATC Training Team Statistics Infographic!

This week’s motto for the training program should be “Another week, Another Record”.
Once again, the program set another record for our total scheduled sessions throughout the week!

I’ll quote myself again from last week, because it really is the truth!;
"This is partially due to the current situation facing the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many people across the globe to lockdown and sit tight during the health crisis. Again, all the trainers, recruiters and pilots have gone above & beyond during these hectic times to result in this. "

Throughout the week, we hit 175 scheduled sessions which overall provides
an average of 25 sessions per day; a record for the program!

This week, we went back to old times with our classic Thursday peak!
Thursday took this week’s spot with 31 training sessions being scheduled
throughout the day consisting of ten radar sessions and twenty-one local sessions.

Again, we had our stunning range of pilots attending a huge amount of sessions! This week, as you can see below in the infographic, we’ve had a few new faces join the ranks! Additionally, the one & only @TaipeiGuru lead the way throughout the week with attending approximately 40 training sessions! Absolute amazing commitment once again this week!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
Hope everyone is doing well & staying safe!
See you in the skies or on the radar scope!
Till next week,

Infographic & graph for a general overview of this week’s achievements:

Updated @ 2300Z, 6th April

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 9.18.24 am
Updated @ 2300Z, 6th April

Congratulations & thank you to those that have gone above & beyond this week:

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So that’s why I have 515 landings in the last 90 days…

Fantastic job to all the trainers for their hard work, and the many pilots who attended! We had lots of new people join the ranks, so it’s great to see the team coming together with this many sessions. Congrats to those who went above and beyond to show their dedication to this organization. Well done, everyone!


Wow! Pretty impressive considering only a few months ago we were barely breaking 90 sessions. It’s nearly doubled! Great job to everyone as always, and congrats @TaipeiGuru!


And @Jeno_Farkas said he probably wouldn’t make the leaderboard this week…

Thanks to all of the pilots who attend pilot sessions and especially to our go-to pilots who we can rely on. No matter if you attend one or 40 sessions, we appreciate your help in shaping IFATC for the better.


Can you please give me 200 of them so that I get my Grade 5 back? Thanks! :)


Great Job to all who donate their time to ensure professional and highly informative training sessions!


Up 80% from 3 weeks ago? That’s crazy! Good job everyone


Lovely job @Luke_M!!!


Cool stuff! I do rather like these statistics as I find them pleasing because it sows that you are still working hard despite what is happening.

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Come on! I thought I was gonna make it this week, but 40 is a lot, yeah, um, maybe I’ll make it next week!

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