IFATC Training Team Statistics: Week of 2nd March

IFATC Training Team Statistics WK 02MAR

Hello everyone & welcome to the second instalment of the weekly IFATC Training Team Statistics!

Thank you everyone for the outstanding support last week, was awesome to see!

This week was a huge week for the IFATC TT Program with new records being set and activity percentages still rising at a substantial rate. We have also added an additional bar graph this week to showcase the exact amount of sessions taking place per day.

Once again, this was a huge week for the training program.
This week, the total number of scheduled sessions hit triple digits with over 100 sessions being scheduled!
To provide some contrast, last year’s busiest week throughout 2019 was 43 sessions.

The peak of this week’s scheduled training sessions took place throughout Thursday, where a total of 20 sessions were scheduled, consisting of six radar sessions and fourteen local sessions.

And of course, for all of this to become a reality, we had a strong range of pilots this week who dedicated their time into the program throughout the week;

We had various people attending 20+ sessions which was just amazing to see and we cannot thank them enough;
With every session being from 15-30 minutes long, this is a huge dedication to the team & future controllers//officers of the expert server.

Otherwise, here is the infographic & graph for a general overview of this week’s achievements;

Updated @ 0030Z, 10th March

Updated @ 0700Z, 10th March

Congratulations & thank you to those that have gone above & beyond this week:

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Man, who is this @PlaneGeek guy? He must attend a lot of training sessions!

Beautiful job Luke! Looking forward to next week’s stats.


😍😍😍 this is mind blowing! Great work training team!


Lovely Work. @Luke_M


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