IFATC Training Team Statistics: Week of 23rd March

IFATC Training Team Statistics WK 23MAR

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the weekly IFATC Training Team Statistics Infographic!

This week in the training program we’ve gone bigger & further with more records set for our total scheduled sessions & training team attendees!

Once again, this is partially due to the current situation facing the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many people across the globe to lockdown and sit tight during the health crisis. Again, all the trainers, recruiters and pilots have gone above & beyond during these hectic times to result in this.

Throughout the week, we hit 150 scheduled sessions which overall provides
an average of 21 sessions per day; another record for the program!

This week, we had a new peak of the week!
Monday took this week’s spot with 28 training sessions being scheduled
throughout the day consisting of twelve radar sessions and sixteen local sessions.

We had an absolute stunning range of pilots attending this week. With a significant number of pilots attending 30+ sessions. Additionally, @Jet_Airways_995 & @Jeno_Farkas lead the way
throughout the week with a combined total of 92 attended sessions. That’s commitment!

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
Hope everyone is staying safe in these unprecedented times!
See you in the skies or on the radar scope!
Till next week,

Infographic & graph for a general overview of this week’s achievements:

Updated @ 1200Z, 31st March

Updated @ 1200Z, 31st March

Congratulations & thank you to those that have gone above & beyond this week:

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Great Job @Luke_M!


Great job as always and thanks to the training team for what they do! Defiantly shows, with all the new faces joining IFATC! Also great job @Jet_Airways_995 & @Jeno_Farkas!!


Great work! Shoutout to my trainer, @Trio, for his help with my sessions. Looking forward to finally taking my practical and becoming an IFATC in the (hopefully) near future!


Nice work Luke!

Thank you, everybody, for allowing me to have a great first week! I’ll give a shoutout to all of the phenomenal trainers and training mates from all over the community for their great work! (Especially @Darius_Glover @MrMrMan @Flying_Pencil @Jeno_Farkas @DDett @Hogwyld and @Drummer for their phenomenal guidance along the way.) I am looking forward to stepping it up this week if I am not in a position to do several long-hauls.

Thanks, everybody!


Holy smokes ! Great participation. Wish I could do more myself but time doesn’t allow. Awesome job everyone !

We’re glad to have you & everyone else helping us out.


Thanks @Luke_M for this week’s statistics!

Well done everyone!

Huge shout out to my fellow pilot colleagues at the Training Team! It is always fun to fly together with you and share some good times!

Round applause for the IFATC Trainers for their continuous work and commitment in training the new generations of IFATC controllers!

We also need to mention the actual individuals, the trainees, for their time, commitment and interest in learning the ins and outs of ATC Controlling!

Without you all, we wouldn’t have been able to get those numbers there! We did this TOGETHER!

Keep up the good work everyone!


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