IFATC Training Team Statistics: Week of 16th March

IFATC Training Team Statistics WK 16MAR

Hello everyone & welcome to this week’s instalment of the weekly IFATC Training Team Statistics Infographic!

This week in the training program we hit into the 100+ range of scheduled training sessions, another record!

This is due to the current situation facing the globe with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting almost everyone across the planet now. It’s also a result of the work from every recruiter, pilot and trainer within the IFATC Training Team Program during these crazy & unprecedented times!

Our thoughts go out to everyone during these tough times, we can all get through this together.

Throughout the week, we hit 120 scheduled sessions which overall provides an average of 17 sessions per day!

Again, like last week, the peak of the week’s scheduled training sessions took place throughout Thursday where a total of 24 sessions were scheduled consisting of eleven radar sessions and thirteen local sessions.

We also had an outstanding range of pilots attending this week, with again, a number of pilots attending 20+ sessions. @Jeno_Farkas again lead the way with attending 32 training sessions throughout the week.

Otherwise, that’s it from me this week.
Stay safe, see you in the skies or on the radar scope!

Infographic & graph for a general overview of this week’s achievements:

Updated @ 2300Z, 23rd March

Updated @ 2300Z, 23rd March

Congratulations & thank you to those that have gone above & beyond this week:

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Great job to all you top performers and trainers!


Great job as always @Luke_M, and trainers! But wow… nice job @Jeno_Farkas!!! Can’t wait for next weeks installment!


Thank you @Jeno_Farkas you mad man! Greatly appreciate all the pilots. :)


Thank you to ALL the pilots that come and help us shape the future of IFATC. Wonderful work everyone, especially to the top performers. Round of applause

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Great work team! Progressing the trainees!

I’m going to be honest I am surprised that Thursday had more training than the weekends

Many of us are home (because we should not be going out during this time) which leaves a lot of time for training sessions. Great to have an outlet like this in such odd times.

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Couldn’t do it without all the pilots. Thank you all!!

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Oh Yeah I’m not complaining about having more opportunities to learn it’s been great :)

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