IFATC Training and Training server

Good afternoon everyone. I would love to become a member of IFATC but I find it so hard to control on the training server. Most people completely ignore ATC on the training server or there is just complete chaos. I find myself going crazy. Wouldn’t it be more effective to have a server dedicated for people training for IFATC?

Then this should be perfect for you:

Just a dedicated server isn’t optimal i think, as they are pretty expensive to run i’d say.

These days we have pilots ignoring ATC on the expert server as well. It’s an inherent evil by the human factor that makes us all love IF just the same. I hear what you’re saying for sure. I had a dreadful session yesterday on TS1. Keep up the work, there are plenty of good sessions to be had. To respond to your input I think we would see the same behavior on any server.


I suppose my problem is I don’t have anywhere near the hours controlling to be considered.

Your best option is to go to a region that’s empty and find a few people to fly the pattern for you. These people need to know what the words “follow instructions” mean in order for things to go smoothly on TS1.

Some people create ATC tracking threads to let others know that you’ll be open and at what airport within a given region. Search around for some ATC tracking threads to get a solid idea on how to create on.

Last thing that I’d add is you need to stay open for more than just 10-20 mins. Set aside an hour or more to let traffic build up. Traffic won’t come right away. Hope this helps and best of luck!


There are no hourly requirement to begin with a trainer :)

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Great! I will get in contact with one.


Great advice thank you!

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Honestly a dedicated server would not be beneficial in any way. The best thing to do is use the lesser used airports and just post a tracking thread. There may be people not listening but that’s extra practice and experience, the expert server is not free of all those noobs either. Work your way around the trolls, it can be hard but you gain much needed experience

Good luck! :)