IFATC Trainer Tales: Edition 3

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Welcome to the third edition of IFATC Trainer Tales. Each edition of Trainer Tales will introduce you to a handful of Trainers from the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control team as they share their journey with the wider community. The IFATC Training Team and the community as a whole is full of people from around the world with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences so there will never be a dull moment. With that being said, welcome to the third edition of Trainer Tales!

LeoC | IFATC Trainer

LeoC's Trainer Tale

Hello! My name is Leo and I have been an Infinite Flight user since 2015 and a member of the IFC since January 2018. I am from Australia and I’m employed in both the sports and hospitality industries.

I joined IFATC on 14 May 2022 and made many friends during my time here. The main people who helped me along the way to becoming an IFATC and a Trainer was my local trainer @LordWizrak and radar trainers @Syncline & @LesterXavier. Additionally, @Metier, @NightHawk, @RafaelPadilla, @NJ24, @Aiden_Forusz, @ToasterStroodie, @Rick, my recruiter for both local and radar @RamziKhairan, helped me greatly along the way.

In October 2022 I had my first radar practical. To my despair, I failed, but on 7 November, I passed on the second attempt and some time after shifted my focus to working towards becoming a Trainer. After a while working on radar, I realised that my favourite frequency to control is largely local (Ground & Tower), closely followed by Centre. A few months passed at the officer rank and when new Trainers were announced in June and July 2023, I had enquired with Josh and Tyler if they needed more assistance in the Australian/Asian region. A month or two passed and in September, Josh reached out to me with an invitation to join the IFATC Training Team and I joined the team on 8 September alongside @Jinco and @Cooper.

During my time in the Training Team, I have had a lot of fun and passed 5 trainees (at the time of writing). My next goal in my IFATC career is to become an ATC Supervisor, which I hope to achieve soon!

That is my story!

Levi_Park | IFATC Trainer

Levi_Park's Trainer Tale

Hello! My name is Levi_Park.

Many people might know me, while some may not. I am Korean and live in the wonderful city of Seoul. Since my childhood, I’ve had a passion for airplanes, which led me to discover Infinite Flight. I’ve been playing it for nearly 8 years now. In 2021, after seeing the impressive skills in S-patterns and radar control, I applied to join IFATC.

I first applied to IFATC in September 2021 and was immediately assigned an awesome trainer. My local trainer was LesterXavier. Thanks to his dedication and feedback, I became an IFATC Specialist on October 1, 2021. I began controlling and attended training sessions extensively, eager to apply for IFATC Officer and enhance my knowledge in radar. As soon as I met the requirements, I applied for IFATC Officer! My radar trainer was Anthony Morgan. He, too, was a great trainer and very kind. I passed my radar practical exam on January 28, 2022.

Even after becoming an Officer, I continued to attend almost daily training sessions to improve my skills and gain experience. One day, I vividly remember the joy I felt when JoshyFly8 offered me a trainer role. Initially, I was worried about whether I could do well, but I decided to accept this new challenge in IFATC. Thus, my journey as a trainer began in April 2022.

I feel great satisfaction in training many students to become IFATC members and helping them. I am truly grateful to the staff and officials who chose me as a Trainer. I am still learning and gaining experience, striving to be a good trainer.

Thank you to all IFC and IFATC members!

Danish | IFATC Trainer and Recruiter

Danish's Trainer Tale

Hello everyone! Im Danish and I’m based in the UK but my true home is back in Asia, Malaysia. You would know me from being the ‘bully trainee’ which I find it to be very off and untrue, haha.

A little recap on my time in IFATC, I first joined as a Specialist back in 2015 where recruitment was done through IFFG Facebook account and when Slack was the main communication server rather than Discord, but I quit and came back in 2022 post covid because I was quarantining.

I remember being trained by the infamous LordWizrak and Alexandre for my radar training. It was horrid…. I would bust and crash people into the mountains and funnily enough, I actualy busted someone on my mock practical but still went to the practical anyway.

Alexandre, my trainer told me a couple of times, that I have established myself as a solid radar controller and told me to try for the trainer role which at the time got me like “ummm what? I dont think I control that well too”……

Fast forward to a sunny summer day in London of 2023, where I got this interesting DM from Josh? I’m like “who in the world is messaging me on discord out of every social media”. That’s when Josh asked if I was ok in taking up the trainer role. At first I still doubted myself because why me out of everyone, but I knew it was something meaningful to be able to give back to Infinite Flight. So I started by celebrating the sunny day of London, then replied to Josh the next day with a very firm, Yes.

Since then I’ve met and connected with so many people on IFATC! Some going to be great radar and tower controllers, that I’m so proud of. The people here are such nice people to play this game with and maybe that’s why I think I’m still a trainer till today, because I like being involved in the community and meeting all of y’all! I appreciate Josh in putting his faith in me in being a trainer. I promise I won’t stop bullying people in the name of learning!

Thanks for tuning into the third edition of Trainer Tales. These stories and this initative is designed for community members to gain an understanding of what the journey into and through IFATC can entail and to encourage community members that are contemplating joining IFATC to do so, as it is certainly an experience that you won’t regret as shown above by the tales of the IFATC Trainers.

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Amazing job organizing this @Declan !

It was nice reading these tales @LeoC @Danish @Levi_Park ! Great job!


@Danish is my radar trainer and he does a great job. easy, fun guy to talk to and a great trainer. can confirm he bullies a lot, but hes a grade 3 so i use that to my advantage


Wonderful post! So grateful to work with these amazing trainers! 👏


Thanks, @Levi_Park @LeoD @Danish dor sharing your experience and journey with IFATC.

Also, thanks @Declan for the great content as always, keep it up!


Thanks so much for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the read!

Couldn’t agree more! Not only those mentioned but the entire IFATC team as a whole is a wonderful environment and area of the community to be involved in.

Glad you enjoyed the stories and thanks for your continued support!

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Kudos for putting this together @Declan

I’ve attended many TT’s run by the bully, shoe throwing @Danish who keeps promising me McDonalds Fries/McNuggets from the lovely West Houslow, home of West Houslow International (also known as Heathrow). I enjoy your attending your TT’s, you do a great job injecting a bit of humour making your sessions fun.

@Levi_Park, thanks for sharing your journey. When I first became an IFATC member, I was convinced you and @CompetitiveDivide320 were one and the same. Enjoy your TT’s likewise, your community contributions and banter.

@LeoC Wow, a true long-time IF user – I’ve been an IF member since January 2015 myself, but it was only last year I became involved in the IFC community and joined IFATC. I’ve only attended a handful of your TT’s but enjoyed reading your tale. Good to know you’re Australian mate, I say that as a yank that lived in Australia (South Yarra 3141) with 2 unopened packs of Tim Tam’s on my desk as I write this.



Great read @Declan

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I remember when none of you were trainers

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Talking about remembering things… anyone remember when @BluePanda900 and @Julius97 were recruiters. Both of them were fundamental in my journey into and through IFATC. I also remember the days when Regan was a trainer and was training me for radar.

The IFATC team is full of great people past and present and I encourage anyone thinking about applying to do so. It’s certainly a decision that you won’t regret.

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Glad you enjoyed this edition. Thanks so much for your support!

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Amazing job @Declan!

Always interesting to hear these stories - thanks @LeoC @Levi_Park and from my own radar trainer @Danish!


Thanks for the support Ben! Glad you enjoyed the stories.

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Great edition, per usual @Declan!

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Thanks for the kind words and support. Appreciate it!

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Yup! Now I gotta finish up that ATC newsletter 😉

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Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

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