IFATC Trainer Tales: Edition 2

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IFATC Trainer Tales: Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of IFATC Trainer Tales. Each edition of Trainer Tales will introduce you to a handful of Trainers from the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control team as they share their journey with the wider community. The IFATC Training Team and the community as a whole is full of people from around the world with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences so there will never be a dull moment. With that being said, welcome to the second edition of Trainer Tales!

Cooper | IFATC Trainer

Cooper's Trainer Tale

Hello IFC, I’m Cooper, a high school student that resides in the United States. I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a few years now. I’m a student pilot hoping to be a pilot at the airlines one day.

I’ve been in IFATC for just under 2 1/2 years now. I saw all of these controllers on the expert server and seeing all of their great work, I decided I wanted to be apart of the group as well. I applied to IFATC in November of 2021, and WesleyHenrich was my recruiter. I failed my first local practical test. After that, I decided to get training to help better my skills to pass the test, and I got assigned to my wonderful trainer JulietTango. He helped me better my skills in order to pass the test with flying colours.

I didn’t have the perfect start to IFATC by any means like others might have. In fact, I had quite the rocky start. I had a very bad habit of opening airports that were simply out of my reach at the time, and I could not handle the traffic. I would give service that was not up to par to IFATC standards. Thanks to the supervisors and moderators, they were very patient with me and helped me work through that.

After being a Specialist for 60 days, I decided to apply for radar training at the end of January 2022. My recruiter was Drummer this time around and I got assigned to my trainer, Rhys_V. He was a great and very knowledgeable trainer who was very patient to put up with me. I was in radar training for around 1 1/2 months. Thanks to his great teaching, I passed my radar practical on the first attempt, making me able to control radar facilities.

Now that I was an officer, I wanted to help others achieve the same that I achieved. I attended a lot of training sessions to help my fellow IFATC members achieve their goals as well. I controlled a lot of busy radar frequencies as it’s quite enjoyable, and this time around, I made sure to control within my means. Then in September of 2023, at around 12:30am right before I was going to bed, I got a message from Josh offering me a position on the IFATC Training Team. I gladly accepted it and I have no regrets at all. Since becoming a Trainer, I’ve helped pass 14 trainees and look forward to doing many more.

I look forward to helping train many more people to achieve their goals and I look forward to seeing you all in the skies!

FN60fps | IFATC Trainer and ATC Appeals Member

FN60fps' Trainer Tale

Hello, everyone! My name is Walter also known as FN60fps by the community. I am 19 years old and am from El Salvador. Here is my story of how my IFATC journey started and how I got to where I am today. I am currently an IFATC Trainer, Officer, Tester, and member of the Appeals team.

I joined the Infinite Flight Community for the first time on October 11, 2020. My IFATC journey started on December 31st, 2020, when I applied for IFATC but unfortunately failed my first written test. For some reason, I decided to terminate my recruitment process and took a break from Infinite Flight.

A year later, I re-applied to join IFATC on December 6, 2021. After a few training sessions with my trainer, Kyle, I successfully passed my written and practical test on the first attempt and joined IFATC on February 4th, 2022. I wouldn’t have done it without the help of my recruiter Drummer, my trainer Kyle, and the community members who helped me during the process by flying for me, providing feedback, and answering all my ATC-related questions. I got excited when I heard the good news from Drummer that I had passed my practical test. After that, I started controlling almost every day to improve my controlling skills and pass my Check Ride. A few days later, Tyler messaged me to let me know that I had passed the Check Ride and had secured my Specialist rank.

Two months later, I felt like it was time for an upgrade, so I decided to apply for the radar process to become certified to control radar frequencies (Officer). I contacted
ToasterStroodie, who helped me with the recruitment process and got me ready to start radar training. A few days later, JulietTango messaged me, letting me know he was picking me up for the training process. Since that day, we started training almost every day.

At that time, I was also attending a lot of training sessions daily to hopefully one day become an IFATC Tester. And guess what? On July 2nd, 2022 in the morning, I decided to check my IFC PMs and unexpectedly there was a message from Tyler that said “Welcome to the IFATC Tester Team” promoting me to IFATC Tester. I was very happy to see that all the time I was dedicating to training sessions had paid off and it was also my first promotion since I had joined IFATC. After 27 training sessions and unfortunately failing my first radar test. On July 7th, 2022, I successfully passed the radar test on my second attempt and ranked up to the Officer rank. It was a long journey with many ups and downs, but it was a fun experience at the same time. I was shocked when I heard the good news from my recruiter that I had passed. From that day, I started controlling 90% of the time
radar frequencies to sharpen my radar skills and become an experienced radar controller to handle busy airports with lots of traffic with confidence.

After a few months, on February 14, 2023, I was getting home from work and checked my IFC PM, and guess what? There was another PM from Tyler, he was offering me the opportunity to join the Appeals team this time. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I said yes in less than a second. It’s curious because out of many support groups in the community, the Appeals team was the last group I was expecting to be part of. During my time with the Appeals team, I learned that it’s not all about appealing pilot violations, for example, if a pilot is reported for any reason, we make sure to educate the pilot by providing the right information and tools so that in the future, they won’t make the same mistake again. It’s been a great experience working with this team!

A few months later, on June 4th, 2023. I was at work and unexpectedly received a DM on Discord from JoshFly8 inviting me to join the IFATC Training Team as an official ATC Trainer. I was speechless when I saw the message because my dream had always been to become a trainer since I joined IFATC and the day had finally come. I obviously said yes to the offer. It’s been a fantastic experience having the opportunity to train and guide trainees from different backgrounds and from around the world. Seeing people progress from not knowing anything about ATC to becoming expert controllers of the Expert Server skies, it’s just amazing. To all my trainees reading this, I am very proud of you and It was a pleasure being your trainer and helping you achieve your goals.

That’s the end of my IFATC story (For now). I am very thankful for all the opportunities and trust that I have been given so far to get involved and contribute more to the community. Joining IFATC was the best decision that could have made, it’s been a fantastic experience to work with fellow members who share the same interests as me. I can’t wait to see what other surprises the year 2024 has for me.

RafaelPadilla | IFATC Trainer

RafaelPadilla's Trainer Tale

Hi all!

My name is Rafael, known as Rafa. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, vacations huh. Well, as of now you’ll see I’m an IFATC Trainer.

My journey begins when back in 2021, a friend of mine @Tajay was telling me to join IFATC, after some months I’ve decided to join and there is when I meet @RTG113 (unfortunately), just kidding haha! Had Rocco as my Recruiter and @Edoardo_C as my local trainer.

After showing my commitments during my way through IFATC by joining training times, controlling with a high quality service, and getting the tester role. I’ve decided to start my training for the officer rank. Here’s when @Erik_Popescu takes place as my radar trainer.

After a long and effective training process, I’ve passed my radar test. There I realized IFATC is my stuff. After a year of hard work, controlling and maintaining a positive contribution within our beautiful community, in 2022 the IFATC management have decided to give me the opportunity of being a trainer for the team. They knew I’d meet their standards. Since then, I’ve been training many of you guys. Each day is a new journey, a new member joins, a lot of time spent on this but always happy to be able to share with you any knowledge regarding ATC and training.

Loving being a trainer and part of this team since day one.

Thanks for tuning in to the second edition of Trainer Tales. These stories and this initiative is designed for community members to gain an understanding of what the journey into and through IFATC can entail and to encourage community members that are contemplating joining IFATC to do so, as it is certainly an experience you won’t regret as shown above by the tales of the IFATC Trainers.

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