IFATC Trainer Tales: Edition 1

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IFATC Trainer Tales: Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of IFATC Trainer Tales. Each edition of Trainer Tales will introduce you to a handful of Trainers from the Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control team as they share their journey with the wider community. The IFATC Training Team and the community as a whole is full of people from around the world with a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences so there will never be a dull moment. With that being said, welcome to the first edition of Trainer Tales!

Aiden_Forusz | IFATC Trainer and ATC Appeals Member

Aiden_Forusz's Trainer Tale

G’day everyone! If you don’t know me already, the name’s Aiden and I live in Switzerland.

Aviation has always been a passion of mine and flying has been one of my favourite things. This is what introduced me to Infinite Flight. I’d say that I joined about 6 years ago in 2017, and since then I’ve played occasionally. Back then, I’d always avoid the expert server since I was afraid that I’d get violations and didn’t know what to do.

After some time, I decided to join the community at the end of 2021. My main goals at the time were to get more involved by joining a virtual airline, and applying to IFATC. I joined IFATC at the end of January 2022 thanks to my local trainer @Juan_Oosthuizen! After some time, with the help of my radar trainer @Syncline, I made my way to becoming an officer in June of the same year. Controlling on IF has been one of my favourite things to do in my free time, whether that’s on radar or local, regardless of the traffic levels!

Helping others is also something that I love doing. And at the end of August 2022, I was surprised by a message from Josh welcoming me to the Trainer team! Since then I’ve had many great trainees, and it’s been a pleasure to help all of them pass their exams in IFATC and become great controllers.

It’s now been 2 years since I’ve joined, and almost 1.5 years since becoming a trainer and I’m glad to say that joining IFATC was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve met tons of great people over this time and have learnt lots about the game, as well as having the opportunity to teach others about it! It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch all of my trainees join IFATC and succeed there, and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

To sum up, my one piece of advice for anyone reading this is to not be afraid of IFATC, we don’t bite! If you want to apply, you’ll be given the option to go through training which honestly is an amazing experience that you won’t forget!

See you in the skies!

Jinco | IFATC Trainer and ATC Appeals Member

Jinco's Trainer Tale

Hello everyone! I’m Eduardo, known as Jinco in the IF Community. I’m a 16-year-old Italian guy who loves aviation, travelling and movies! My IF journey started back in 2019, when I bought the simulator for my phone. Since then, I always loved Infinite Flight and quickly became my favourite flight sim.

I discovered the IFC just in 2022, when I searched up for some cruise speed for a specific aircraft. I immediately loved the vibes of what it seemed to me a very friendly community and for this, I joined it! I also discovered there was something called IFATC and after some time spent in research and reaching the requirements, I applied for it. For me, it was great thinking about controlling a professional airspace such as the Expert Server one!

My recruiter was Edoardo_C, an amazing person who helped me a lot. Since that day, after passing the written test but, unfortunately, failing the practical one, I met many other great people. A very big thanks goes to my Trainer, Anthony_Morgan, who helped me since July 2022 until today with his great advice. Thanks to him, and also to my friend Lewis, I joined IFATC in August 2022 and I loved it right away! I controlled every day for almost a whole year, attended hundreds of training sessions and achieved great goals, such as becoming an IFATC Tester, Officer, Appeals Team member and lastly, an IFATC Trainer! I love being a Trainer because I love helping people and this is one of the best roles to prove it.

As already mentioned, this Community is great. It is made by amazing people, really, and I’m thankful to have met them. The best suggestions I have for you, especially if you are new in this community, is to interact with people as much as you can, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, and to fight for your goals. Whether it is joining IFATC, becoming a Trainer, or anything else, just go for it and I’m sure you will do it! Of course, though, remember that taking some time for yourself besides IF is also a very important thing. If you see me in the skies, say hi! I wish you the best for your Infinite Flight journey.

Destroyer350 | IFATC Trainer

Destroyer350's Trainer Tale

Hey everyone, I’m Isaac, a student in London and I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for quite a while now and been in IFATC for just over 2 years.

After flying for ages I started to become interested in controlling and discovered IFATC. I decided to apply in late 2021 and got Jamal (RoyalJordanian) as my recruiter and Eddie as my trainer, unfortunately neither of them are in IFATC now but they were both incredibly helpful which led to me passing my first practical.

If I remember correctly the first airport I opened was London Oxford airport before I then attended my first training session with Anthony (again if my memory serves me well). I loved both controlling and attending training sessions, both places where you could learn more about controlling and after attending a few radar sessions I decided that my next steps were to apply for radar training as soon as I could. Once again I got Eddie as my trainer and Nico as my recruiter, I really enjoyed radar training getting to learn a lot more techniques and the different ways that controllers use to manage traffic in the air.

After I passed my radar practical I controlled radar every day for my CR and absolutely loved it while still attending training sessions. Then in August 2022 I was invited by Josh to join the training team and I gratefully accepted the offer. Since then I have had the pleasure of training lots of great people for both becoming an IFATC specialist and officer, unfortunately my controlling activity has decreased recently as my life was getting a bit busy but I still hold regular training sessions and look forward to picking up my controlling frequency this year.

I hope to help many more people through the ranks of IFATC and I’m very grateful to be part of the IFATC community!

Thanks for tuning in to the first edition of Trainer Tales. These stories and this initiative is designed for community members to gain an understanding of what the journey into and through IFATC can entail and to encourage community members that are contemplating joining IFATC to do so, as it is certainly an experience you won’t regret as shown above by the tales of the IFATC Trainers.

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Thanks for the support. Glad to hear that you’re going to love the Trainer Tales series.

Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks so much for the support!

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Glad you enjoyed the stories. Thanks for the support!

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