IFATC Took a REALLY long time

I was coming into CYYZ (Toronto) and I was about to land. when all the sudden the atc executed a missed approach 2 times when I was cleared to land and I was cleared. nobody in front or behind me. I have reported airport in sight an 4:56PM and I Just ended the flight at 5:30PM bc It was TOO LONG. Seriously why?

Can you tell us who the controller was?


I’ll just guess it was yesterday.

CYYZ was very busy then with people actively trying to cater to as many aircraft in the airspace so… patience is a virtue :^)

If you have to chat with the controller, send them a PM.

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@Alexian61 I am looking through the replay but I cant find the name

not for me @Tsumia

You said 4:56 PM. Would that be Zulu or local time?


PM @Tsumia ?

Because Toronto has perpendicular runways there could have been an aircraft on another runway that they were prioritizing aircraft on, although obviously talk to the controller about it. My advice is: If you don’t want to have delays, don’t fly to a busy airport!


Check your logbook and PM the controller that has the resembling username. Tell us who it was if you can’t find him.

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@TaipeiGuru Local PST

Thanks. @Tajay was the approach controller at the time. I’d advise sending him a PM to discuss the incident. :)


Trying to get name!

I’ll PM you.

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Me? Or someone else?

Should be PMing you

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I believe you implies you


Got it cap