IFATC Tomorrow

At CYYZ, IFATC should be controlling at 2200Z tomorrow right? Sorry, I always get confused with the ATC schedule and this can be closed when an answer is recieved.

If you refer to 2200Z on the 15th, then it’s ATC choice in Eastern Canada, which means CYYZ might well be open, but this isn’t guaranteed, as IFATCs are volunteers and have the opportunity to choose (more) freely on ATC choice days.

If you refer to 2200Z on the 16th (which would be tomorrow in UTC), the that will be FNF dependent, which hasn’t been announced yet.

Please ask again if I shall clarify!


On expert server, ATC coverage is 24 hours as staffing permits.

The current region does include CYYZ, but there’s no guarantee in advance that it will be open at a certain time. Tomorrow (Friday) is Friday Night Flight, and the flight plan hasn’t been published yet.


Okay thanks @JulianB and @powdarrmonkey all the info provided you you two was clear and I just get mixed up with comparing my Timezone with UTC or Zulu.

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No worries, glad we could help!

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