IFATC Tolerance

Do IFATC controllers ever rage? Do they get frustrated with the amount of pilots ignoring them? On a good day (for the IFATC), how much tolerance do you guys have for simple mistakes (taxiing to wrong runway etc)

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Ghosting is how they express their rage. They will not track you down and take your first born.
The best thing is just follow rules and everything will be good! ;)


IFATC will not ghost you for the simplest thing, they will simply tell you to follow instruction. If you’re keep ignoring them, you will receive a great big suprise.


We take into account that some people may make mistakes so you do have chances to correct them but blatantly misbehaving or not knowing the basics will get you ghosted. It’s not something we enjoy doing but it’s what will be done to ensure the expert server remains a professional place for everyone to fly.


Hmmmm, ok. This makes a lot of sense. I guess people dont want to be raging all the time (especially pilots)

Loads of tolerance. A common misconception about IFATC is that we are out to get you. We’re not at all. If you taxi to the wrong runway, no issue, whip her around and get going again. It takes a lot of wrong doing to get a ghost. That being said, don’t be stupid nor testing. Follow rules, you’ll be more than fine :)


Much like real life, ATC is here to help keep everyone safe. Mistakes happen, usually minor. If it’s really serious or obvious disregard of rules, then you’ll get a number to call, aka ghost.

Some of us have more patience than others. I’ll usually wait a long time to ghost people, just because I know not everyone is a real-world pilot. This is an app that anyone from anywhere can buy at any time. That being said, there are some things that are obviously a no-no, and when those things arise, the bad guy gets ghosted instantly.

I guess your question is more of a scenario-based thing. Like people have said above, we have to have tolerance with a lot of things.


Or ghostbusters! Haha!

I would encourage people to contact IFATC in the community if you are having an issue contacting them too. I had a flight from EDDF-KSFO in which none of the IFATC instructions would appear on my screen at all likely due to a bug. When I realized there was nothing I could do I contacted IFATC in the community website and they helped me out as best they could. I later quit due to the inconvenience of not seeing messages however and that aircraft were around me and I didn’t want to get in anyones way. I believe if I never contacted them through the community I would have been ghosted.

There are ATC moderators who are willing to ensure the ghosting was justified so it would have been reversed anyway for that particular scenario.

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Let me put it this way.

Prior to IFATC, I was lucky to drink classic breakfast tea once a day.

Now? I drink it four times a day, straight up black with no milk, no sugar. It’s the closest I get can to alcohol without illegal purchases.


I have tremendous respect for IFATC as they have actually helped me become a better pilot. People shouldn’t be nervous of IFATC as they are ultra professional and realistic. I once remember being in a holding pattern for EGLL for 5-10 minutes because of how crowded the airspace was. I love moments like that. :D


While mistakes are certainly annoying we understand that they happen. We only ghost for blatant violations of our instructions. It can be very frustrating controlling but we all enjoy. That’s why we control after all


Seems pretty tolerant. I’ve messed up pretty bad in front of IFATC (360 at -3000 b/c I was too high, forgetting about turning to intercept the localizer, etc, etc) but I haven’t been ghosted yet.

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