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does anyone have any tips on passing my atc tests

Read the atc guide
And take practice tests


By test, I’d assume you’re referring to the Written Exam. For that I’d recommend that you review the ATC Manual which can be found in the User Guide. I’ve linked a video below to help you get a visual and descriptive idea of how controlling works and what your practical test will be similar to. If you’re already in the recruitment process to join IFATC and have a Recruiter, you can utilize the IFATC Practice Test as many times as you need to help better prepare you for the actual written exam itself.


Thank you heaps

Np I’m happy to heap anytime :)

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May i ask any IFATC members how many attempts it took you to pass the test

In reference to the practice tests, probably like a thousand ones before I settled to do the real thing. Then afterwards, I aced the exam. You just have to have a clear understand of the aspects of ATC including sequencing, pattern entries, and other information.

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as in practice testd?

Yeah, I took a ton of tries at the practice test until I got consistent 100%’s. Be sure to look over what you got wrong, and where you think you went wrong in your choice. Reflect upon the manual, and I’m sure next time around you’ll get it right. And once you take it so many times, you get used to the questions and could still get them right if they were reworded or changed in any way.

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thank you, how long did it take you?

I’m not sure of the exact length of time it took, but estimated it was probably around 2 days for me. Then again, it’s different for everybody. Some people take longer to get it down, and that’s perfectly fine! Just take your time and try to logically make sense of the scenario/question it throws at you.

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@AviationChampion whats the age req

It is currently 14 years of age minimum, you can find the recruitment thread below or pinned under the ATC category.


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