I was controlling tonight and yes I am a new recruit here so I don’t like to make to much of a deal, but when you enter the runway without permission and are told to exit, please do not continue to taxi down the runway while saying “I’m sorry”. It just gets frustrating for both parties.
The aircraft in question just continued to taxi and stopped, ready for takeoff. This happened on expert and without any clearance to enter the runway. So first off don’t enter the runway without permission 😅 And second please once contacted exit the runway instead of just moving on.
Have a great night!


Sounds like we’re having a similar night on IF.

It was an overall nice session just with that one hicup. You should joing my ANy Flight Team private pilots. We try and do group flights as much as possible. We have our own slack for it as well

Oh really? That sounds interesting. I downloaded slack for a podcast but have never used it for IF.

:) just pm if interested

Bumpity bump bump. It’s extreamly frustrating I hope ppl listen :)


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