Hi, I’m wondering how do i know what times each tower is going to be online with the ones that are on ifatc for that day.

Check out the first FAQ (How does IFATC staff airports?) in ATC Schedule

IFATC are volunteers and control under their own free time. There is no set time for any airport to be opened.

Hello @Zachyyk

You can also check out https://ifatc.org/ This will tell you how long a controller has been staffed at an airport. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you when they will close since minimum requirements for C/D class airports are 30 mins and 60 mins for B class. But a controller can stay open longer. It will at least give you an idea to have ATC when departing or arriving. Typically the featured airports are staffed throughout the day, however. So if you’re flying to a featured airport/hub, ATC is usually staffed.

So those are really the only set times. Other than that it is at the controllers discretion after their minimum time limit is up. Hope this helps! Any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


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