IFATC timelpase KGCN

(1) Background
40 minute session of Tower and Ground at KGCN
(2) Detailed infromation
Pretty fun session. Most aircraft where flying back and forth from KFLG. The majority of the aircrafts where departing north. Recommend turning the voulme down. The noise does not sound to nice. I will have background music for the next video. Enjoy!


Inspired by @Trio by any chance? Great Timelapse!

Yes this is indeed inspired by him. His amazing ATC sessions inspired me. I think he inspired others too such as @GHamsz and @Prashant_Divedi


It would be interesting to zoom in enough to see aircraft taxiing and the action at the hold line.

This makes me want to do the same with a few of my TGS sessions


With You and Trio recording apporach sessions, I thought it would be nice to do T and G.