IFATC Timelapse / Virtual Spotting @ KLAX

Hey! I don’t know if posting a video and pictures is allowed, but I sure hope it is.

So today I tried my first ever IFATC time lapse. This was on IFATC at home day, and after controlling KAUS for 4 hours I was hungry for some traffic. This was late at night, and was great and mind numbing all at once. This was a 2 and a half hour session, with a constant stream of traffic. The lovely @BrandonHG saved me by opening radar and departure for a good hour and a half, which helped greatly, and was missed greatly when he left.

So, I made a time lapse with the help of @SamC. This is the first one I’ve ever made so feedback is welcome. Instead of just a time lapse, I threw in some photos for y’all. I simulated spotting at Imperial Hill.

People spotted

@Heavydriver @NuggetFornia @lucaviness @Jetcentric (multiple times haha) @infiniteflight_17 @art_martinez @Shadow87645 @alberto_lopez @nicopizarro @Pilot_urp @Altaria55 and more that I forgot

Video: (click to watch)

And now for some photos! Imperial Hill was our virtual location 📸

Firstly, @Tsumia’s favorite, a Condor DC-10, happy birthday to the DC btw

Next, an American CRJ7 blas- well… gently lifting off I guess

Now a close up of a departing American A321

Next up is @NuggetFornia preparing to taxi with a little light edit, moderator approved. By the way taxiing with landing lights smh

Magically teleported to 24R to catch an arriving FedEx MD-11F

Next is @NuggetFornia again, with a steep rotation. I love the 787 sm

And I leave you with this, Nugget departing again, but with a Qantas A380 taxiing. I tried to do a sort of wallpaper thing but it’s kinda meh

That’s all folks, thanks for checking this out!
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Loved the last pic

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Amazing pictures! Loved it mate!

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Thank you both :D

I loved all of the pics!


Haha thank you Christian ;)

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Nice pictures and timelapse mate😃

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lol gotta love the @Speedyyy demon edit


Sorry guys, didn’t realize the video was a little messed up, I fixed it so now you can comment and subscribe. It was set as some kids feature that I accidentally clicked before.

Wow, nice pictures!!! The Norwegian light edit is my favorite! Too bad IF doesn’t actually have lights like that…yet

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Thanks, and hopefully one day we will 🤞

Seriously incredible pictures, as usual, nice job on these, Suhas! ;)

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Thanks Shane! I was inspired by your time lapses too haha

Very nice job on that as well, I loved it!

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Thank you 😄

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I’ve always wanted to see KLAX like that, but i’m only grade 2 rn :/

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SAmE no jk you’ll be on ES in no time, cya there :D

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lol. I’ve seen people land 24R only like 2 times


Sad LAX noises
Cool pictures though!

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Yeah I know, the one aircraft that actually lands on the 24s… is a freighter 🙄

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