IFATC Timelapse: FAOR During the Flash Flight

IFATC Timelapse: Johannesburg Ground

Today I controlled FAOR Ground while the flash flight was going on, and it was a great session. I decided to try and make my first ATC timelapse, and it came out okay! I apologize for all the times aircraft disappear in the video, it was high traffic and that tends to happen. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know what you think.

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Session Stats (Provided from Replay)

Airport: FAOR
Frequency: 121.9
Aircraft: 616
Messages: 519
Reports: 0
Misha: 1

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Thanks for watching, and have a great day/night, wherever you are!


I saw myself. I-APRO.

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Cool! Hope you enjoyed the flight!

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Yeah, it was great. The ATC did an amazing job.

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A little bump!

Nice stuff @Mukundan_Srivatsa! Looks good.

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Hey look that little guy there looks familiar!

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That looks insane - hats off to the IFATC team who were controlling South African airspace last night - you did a stellar job!

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It was pretty hectic! Thanks for your appreciation!

I saw my self libyan 314 lest goo😂

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Nice! Hope you had a great flight!

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I did but the landing it self toke me 1 hour😂