IFATC Time-Lapse @ LSZH - Expert Server


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Zurich is a very interesting airport with a great layout. Above is a time-lapse of Zurich Ground. I controlled around 5 hours making it my longest ground frequency session. Ever since the big reveal of taxi-way layout, it had been a dream of mine to control ground solely at a hub. The feeling is awesome (prolly a understatement). Progressive Taxi Instructions are just so much easier now without me chasing behind a aircraft with my free cam view.

I had some great tower controllers working with me. @Filipe_Samuel_Braine @Chris_Wing @NoahBe [I apologise If I missed anyone, I really don’t remember the others].

thanks for watching! feedback is always welcome


I found myself in the timelapse πŸ˜‚

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Yes! I think I saw you two times.