IFATC - The land of happiness and "hygge", Denmark!

In these dark times, tomorrow will bring a smile to all of us. Us IFATC controllers have the honor of controlling our home airport and other airports in our country. For me, that means I have the pleasure of controlling the airports I know the best. As I’m the only IFATC from Denmark, there won’t be multiple airports open at the same time. I will be opening the two busiest airports, Copenhagen and Billund airport. Check down below for details about the airports and the cities the represent.

EKCH - Copenhagen Kastrup

The biggest airport in Northern Europe, serving over 30.000.000 passengers a year, and a hub for SAS. The airport serves anything from the small ATR72 to the huge A380 daily! It has three runways, 04L/22R, 04R/22L and 12/30. 12/30 is however only used when there is a heavy crosswind on the other runways. The layouts can be seen below.

Traffic permitting, the real world procedures will be used as much as possible, so expect take off on 22R/04L and landing on 22L/04L.
The airport serves most of eastern Denmark, and especially our beautiful capital, Copenhagen. A city of canals, lovely cafés, beautiful castles and the worlds second oldest amusement park, Tivoli.

A city worth visiting, since we’re all at home, this’ll be the closest you can come, so enjoy it!

EKCH/Copenhagen will be open during the evening, so expect it to be open at around 1800Z

EKBI - Billund Airport

Denmarks second largest airport and serving over 3.700.000 in 2019! The airport has a lot of routes varying from an ATR72 to Copenhagen to a B787 to Phuket (Charter). It was built in 1961 by the owner of the LEGO family, and lies just a throw away from the famous Legoland, this is where the LEGO brick was invented, we’ve all either played with it or stepped on it and ruined our foot.
The airport has one runway 09/27 which is 10.000ft long.

This airport has via it’s route network access to most of the world. KLM, Lufthansa, Air France(HOP!) and British Airways flies to Billund from their mega-hubs. A lot of fun routes can happen from Billund.

Billund/EKBI will be open during the day, most likely around 1130Z.

I hope to see some of y’all there, even though Denmark is a small country, it’s definitely worth visiting! What’s better than to visit a new country while sitting on your couch? Visiting IRL, yes I know, but this is the best possible way in these days.

I hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow! I hope you’re all safe, healthy and in good spirits, and remember Stay Home and Wash you Hands.

See you tomorrow!


I love Denmark. I’ll be there. Have some virtual classic Danish smørrebrød ready 🙂

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There will be a large event inbound to EKCH around 1800-1900Z 👀

Yup, just opened.

Scandinavian 100 enroute from Oslo. Rwy 4 L/R in use?

04 and 12, there is a 14kt crosswind on the 04s

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Then I will use 04L, thanks. Crosswind is ok

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Ouch, 23 kts tailwind from around 180 heading on short final and touch down. Something is off with weather. Should have gone around lol

Yikes, had at 130@13kts the whole session

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