IFATC | The Breakdown | Episode #3 | Featuring Tyler Shelton

Episode #3 - Featuring @Tyler_Shelton

Welcome to the third episode in a beginning series of podcasts with the goal of bringing our lovely community together. In this podcast, IFATC Network will be interviewing influential or experienced individuals within the Infinite Flight ATC, IFAET, IFVARB, Infinite Flight Moderation, or Infinite Flight staff communities. In this podcast, we will be inviting them to share their stories and broaden our communities understanding of those who play very influential, essential, or unique roles, within our community.

In this episode, IFATC Controller, @Duke will be interviewing our very own Tyler Shelton (IFATC Manager, Real-Life Controller, and Infinite Flight Staff Member). Exclusive episode containing content regarding the future of Infinite Flight, the history of IFATC, Tylers favorite moments with the Infinite Flight, tips for all you prospective recruits, and more interesting topics.

I encourage all users to watch this podcast in its entirety, as it serves an educational purpose for all levels of the community.

Podcast Questions:

  1. Knowing your exceedingly long experience with IFATC, tell us about your journey through the process, and how you persevered through challenges and achieved milestones to make it to where you are today?
  1. As a regular user of the community, and a known face to many, what features or changes with the Infinite Flight platform could you see in the coming decade that will impact IFATC for the better? How does this compare to past milestones and changes made within IFATC (i.e. removing Region Assignments/ATC Schedule)?
  1. What inspired your love for Air Traffic Control, and how has it grown since then?
  1. What advice would you offer prospective IFATC recruits before they enter the recruiting and training process? Especially given your real life experience, what study strategies and focus points worked best for you in the process?
  1. This question directed more towards the fellow team within IFATC. What strengths do you notice within our day-to-day operations as a whole? Furthermore, what are some constructive points to touch on within IFATC?
  1. What goals and thresholds do you see IFATC exceeding by the end of 2023, and what will help on the communities behalf to help strive towards refining these points, and in the end achieving a more structured demographic rolling into 2024?
  1. Tell us about your real life ATC experience, and the mechanics behind your role in the real world with ATC, and how this translates to the management and development of IFATC?
  1. Knowing IFATC has had many changes over the years, many wish to know how the community within IFATC was back then compared to how it is now? What major differences were there with the community during the early stages compared to present day?
  1. What is your favorite memory experienced with the Infinite Flight Team over the years?
  1. Closing Message From The Guest Speaker, @Tyler_Shelton.

Check out the podcast for more!

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What Was Tyler Originally Interested In Before ATC?

  • The U.S. Navy
  • The U.S. Army
  • The U.S. Air Force
  • Local Law Enforcement
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All prospective users please fill out the following form if interested, instead of flooding the PMs with random queries over the last couple days. :)

Great episode once again !

Really cool discussion regarding clearance delivery, I didn’t really see how it would be beneficial in IF but hearing Tyler’s arguments changed my mind. Great the hear it’s in the radar !

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Thanks so much for the opportunity to chat! It was a pleasure and we’re grateful for community members like you that give users a platform to share their story. 🎙️



Police Academy/Local Law Enforcement

Check out the podcast for more interesting information! I repeat, podcast is live.

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Thank you! The team puts a significant amount of effort into these podcasts, and all the support is greatly appreciated. :)

Piggybacking off this, glad to see we have already filled up to the schedule for this month with 7 influential users within our moderation, IFATC, IFAET, and IFVARB base within the community! Looking forward to working with you all this month.

Applications will remain open for the time being to start accounting for the month of August.

I encourage all users to check out our application, and give it a shot, even if you don’t think you might get a spot - you never know, we sometimes sneak in a couple bonus eps!

Stay tuned for these 7 upcoming stories!

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Due to the exponential increase in demand, from special guest candidates and viewers alike, we are requesting some help from our experienced community members.

Any IFATC leadership or experienced personal interested in hosting or taking part in logistical, leadership, or technical aspects, please let me know via a IFC DM.

Roles do not require any special software, or any special experience.

Timeline Update

To all users looking forward to episode #4 of our series, I’m here with a timeline update for this upcoming month of August. As of now, we have about 5 known users within the community joining us on the podcast (i.e. @Declan, @RickG, etc.) This will be doubling our production since the month of July with about 2 podcast episodes.

The status of episode #4 and #5 are being delayed subsequently due to the fact that our team needs a break of about 5-7 business days. We look forward to seeing you all back in August.

What does this mean for applications? Are they still open?


Applications will remain as of now. With 25+ applicants in the last two weeks, our team is working through them as of now, and will resume August 1st upon our return. We thank you for your patience, and if you are still interested, please refer to the topic above for the link to the application. If you are interested in joining our IFATC tech team (editors, social media management, leadership management), please reach out to me directly for more information.

Thank you,


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Stay tuned, Episode #3 is in the works…

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