IFATC test

Hey community so yesterday I took the IFATC test but didn’t pass, any video studying suggestions or study suggestions?

Check out the ATC tutorials in #tutorials. Everything you need to know is there 🙂

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That’s a big helper. 😃


Hey! If you haven’t already, request for a trainer to do training sessions to prepare for your practical and ace it. I can say from my experience it helped me so much. Many tutorials and explanations can be found on the official infinite flight YouTube page as well.

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Ho you know who the trainers are?

Within the topic I sent you there is a section to send a request for a trainer. An official IFATC trainer will then reach out to you via PM to start your training with them.

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I don’t see any

here it is

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Oh I thought I linked it in there! Stupid me. My bad. I guess I didn’t publish the edit. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Hehe it’s fine I got the manual printed and I am studying with a trainer

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Great to hear. Best of luck to you with your training.

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Thank you all for your help

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