IFATC test

Hi, i will be taking the atc written test. Any tips ?

Guide to success:

Study, study, study & effort, effort effort.

Have a pen & piece of paper on hand so you can draw out scenarios if needed (:

Be sure to manage your time effectively, and think through the question//scenario before hitting that answer button.

And finally, make sure to have a look at the offical ATC Manual and the ATC tutorials from the Infinite Flight Youtube Channel:

And most importantly ask questions, if you have any, to your IFATC recruitment team, we’re here to help. (:

All the best!


Read carefully each answers, even twice. You will have enough time. Don’t panick, stay focused. And of course, you need to know what is inside the ATC manual!

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Okayy thank you !

Okay thank you !

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