Sup y’all! I will be taking my IFATC written test sometime over the weekend. I have been studying over the past day or so (and still have about 4 days to study) but I still don’t really know the what it will be about. Is there any practice tests or study guides I could use? Thanks!


I recommend taking a look the #tutorials:atc section and IF’s YouTube videos to revise for everything that’s needed!

Good luck 👍


If you read the manual, watched all the tutorials and earned some experience on the expert server, you‘re good!
Looking forward to see you in IFATC soon!


Also making an ATC tracking thread helps quite a lot because then you can receive feedback on your controlling


Yeah, you‘re right. However, this is more useful to practice for the practical part. He wants to prepare for the written test.


I’m taking it tonight:)


Well…the test is about controlling :-). Don’t stress over what the test is about, focus on making sure you know the ins and outs of ground and tower operations.

Use your recruiter as a resource…ask questions, be curious. I am yet to have a successful recruit that doesn’t ask questions.

For the test, be calm, use the time you have, don’t rush… I will say it one more time just to make sure: do not rush and pay very close attention to the details. Good luck! Hope to see you on the IFATC team soon.


Excuse me. Because you seem to have authority in the IFATC team, could you spare some time to answer some questions as I am interested

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Glad to help. DM me if you have any questions.

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Have luck @Abudy I passed one and a half weeks ago and now I’m IFATC😃


Nice…I’ll make sure to let your recruiter know you are willing to share screenshots of questions of the test.


This can and will result in a ban from the process.

FYI, we’ll know. Some people are under the illusion we have no idea if anyone’s contacted multiple recruiters or did anything unethical. We share information on a daily basis if anything suspicious comes up.


@JoshFly8 Are you allowed to ask for an example question, just to get an idea of what style questions they are or is that taking it a bit too far as well? Just like how school will give you some questions before a test

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Well, okay.
I didn’t knew it’s not allowed.
I am sorry and will not do it again.


Edit: I only tried to help him because I had the same fear like him.

I didn’t even know it’s not allowed. Everybody can make mistakes and now I did one.
In my opinion it’s not necessary to contact him, but it’s your choice.

Lol dude. I think it’s fine lmao. I really suggest not turning this into a toxic gc. I’m just tryin to get some tips lmao

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Good luck to you mate! What a wonder it would feel to be an IFATC :D

Ehhh. Most of us have become secluded from our families. I barely have enough money to feed myself most days, let alone pay rent.

As long as I can get through winter, I’ll survive another year.

Everything you need to know is in the public version of the IFATC Manual. Pretty much an open book test.


Like @AlphaSeven and @JoshFly8 said, just read the manual and watch the YouTube videos and you’ll be fine. I just took the test and passed it about 30 minutes ago and was anxious like you wondering what would be on it. But once I opened the test, the answers mostly came naturally from my experience controlling on TS.

One little tip: the test is timed, but the test doesn’t show you the timer (or at least I didn’t see one), so have your phone or watch ready to serve as a timer. Good luck!

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I’m just gonna add on to what everyone has already said.
I took the test yesterday and as long as you read through the manual once and watched all the tutorial videos once, you will be well prepared for the test. It isn’t hard, and it really is just an open book test (although I doubt you even need to refer back to the provided materials).
The test questions are mainly scenario based, so as long as you know how to control, you will ace the test no problem.
Think of the test like doing ATC, without the time rush.